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    Tuesday, 13 December 2011


    i've been living in the university library for the last few days as i have a mountain of assignments due in friday, so it was lovely to come home yesterday and find a pretty little package waiting on my doorstep. like many others, i am signed up to receive a monthly beauty box from feel unique. it works very much in the same way as glossybox however i've heard that sample sizes tend to be better in the feel unique boxes so i thought i'd give it a go!


    overall i was impressed with the box as i will be able to use pretty much everything inside. the main highlight for me was the tigi bed head candy sensations as my hair tends to be a bit flat and needs a little help in the volume department. I was impressed with the size of the Annick Goutal perfume sample as i usually HATE receiving tiny perfume sprays but this is a decent size bottle....only downside is it smells a lot like my Dermologica fash wash! i'm sure i will use the Clarisonic cleanser and glad its suited to my oily skin tone and the candy pink nails inc polish is one i will definitely wear! Very happy with the box and will continue my sub through to the new year!

    Saturday, 10 December 2011


    friday night, home alone... so i decided to experiment with my nails. Baby pink with a browny/purple tip. they're all dodgy lengths, the lines aren't straight and i can't paint my own nails to save my life but i think they came out fairly preettttyyyy!

    Nail Art

    Tuesday, 6 December 2011


    I am desperate to get my hands on some of these lip transfers from US company Violent Lips but as i've promised my mum i will curb my spending, I will have to rely on Father Christmas to bring me a pack in my stocking! Violent Lips They work in a similar to nail wraps or transfer tattoos, whereby you cut the lip transfer to shape and blot with water. I've heard really good things from other people who have used them and i'm really excited to channel my inner 'GaGa' for all the upcoming Christmas parties!
    Violent Lips