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    Tuesday, 24 January 2012


    i have worn the regular double wear foundation for years and recently saw review posts of this particular foundation online so thought i would try it out for myself. a lot of people seem to have had problems with buying double wear max. cover as the sales assistants tend to advise that it is only for people with 'problem skin' or for use as a camouflage make-up. i am quite lucky as i have pretty good skin, but it tends to get oily/shiny throughout the day so i like full coverage and have always worn heavy foundations...which drew me to this particular foundation!

    Double Wear Max Cover
    My sales assistant (John Lewis, Watford) was actually really laid back about me purchasing the foundation and just advised me to use a small amount and make sure to really blend it in well. i opted for the 'creamy tan' shade which now seems slightly pale but i just use bronzer to warm the tone up slightly.

    the consistency of the foundation is really thick and creamy and you really do not need much to get good coverage. it's worth taking the SA's advise and buff the foundation into your skin well otherwise it can look a bit cakey but it leaves an absolutely flawless finish. my favourite thing about the foundation is that it gives an almost dewy complexion! Although at £26.50 it is touch pricey, you only need a small amount so the foundation lasts for a long time and i am a true believer that you get what you pay for with a foundation! i would rather spend more money knowing that what i am putting on my face is decent quality rather than scrimp and end up with bad skin!!

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