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    Sunday, 29 January 2012


    i've been getting eyelash extensions done for a couple of months now but haven't got round to blogging about it so thought i would do a little post to show the results! 

    The whole lash extension process takes 1 hour and a half for the first initial session and then you need to return every 2 weeks or so for 1 hour long top-up sessions. I get mine done in a salon in Dedworth (near Windsor) by a great girl called Tasha who charges £60 for the first session and then £30 for top-ups but obviously this will fluxuate in different areas. One word of advice I can give you is: Don't be tempted to go somewhere cheap!! Remember that skilled professionals will charge a premium rate and you shouldn't entrust a trainee to do this treatment for you as you could end up with having your eyelash all pulled out and trust me it is very painful!! I got a set of top-ups done in Bournemouth as I couldn't come home to get them done by Tasha and the girl did them really badly and the extensions ended up pulling my real eyelashes out leaving me with sparse stumpy lashes!! 

    Just to briefly describe the process of the treatment itself: You lay down on the technicians bed with your head nearest to them. The technician will place rubber pads underneath your bottom lash line which stops any glue getting onto your face and gives her/him a surface to work on (this is the strangest part of the treatment and always makes my eyes water slightly!). Next the technician will use two pairs of tweezers to select an individual lash and attach a lash-extention to it with a small bit of glue, this process is repeated until your full set is attached. When I went for my first set of extensions, I was really anxious as I hate having things near my eyes (crazy that I would get lash extensions I know!) but you honestly hardly notice it and I always find it a really relaxing treatment.


    Eyelash Extensions Before

    I always have the 14mm lashes attached which are very glam but as I have large eyes they still look natural enough for daytime wear! i can honestly say this is the best investment for me as i used to wear eyelash extensions religiously day and night anyway and this make it so much easier! I also find that i can now leave the house without worrying about make-up as my lashes are always perfect and i receive a lot of compliments on them!! I've posted a before and after picture of my lashes so you can see the effect whch they give. If anyone has any questions, please let me know!

    AFTER: Really does make such a difference!

    Eyelash Extensions After

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