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    Tuesday, 31 January 2012


    so last weekend, i walked into a River Island for the first time in months & can't quite believe how nice the clothes are! don't get me wrong, i realise that RI is a very popular brand but i used to work there whilst i was at college and got so sick of the sight of the clothing i literally never set foot in there again after i left! the main problem i usually have with River Island is that i feel there clothes lean on the tacky 'chavy' side and are sometimes outrageously over-priced! this could be something to do with the fact that i feel robbed that they don't offer student discount but hey ho.... anyway i was pleasantly surprised on my last visit, below are the items which are on my 'to-buy' list!

    River Island Wish List

    L- R: Floral Denim Jacket - £30, Leopard Print Crop Top £16, Pink Leopard & Chain Print crop top - £14, Cream Geometric Print T-Shirt - £12

    River Island Wish List
    L-R: Black Floral Print Slim-Leg Trousers - £30,  Aztec Print Leggings - £18, Purple Caged Wedges - £50, Light Green High Hem Midi Front Skirt - £22

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    1. Some great pieces here! I'm going to have to make that mint skirt mine :) its gorgeous! Xx