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    Thursday, 8 March 2012


    Pro Beauty Show

    this weekend i woke up bright & early and drove from my home in North West London, all across the city to the Docklands to attend the Professional beauty show 2012. it is basically a huge trade show for beauty professionals and salon owners with a vast array of companies exhibiting from fake tan, hair extensions and nail polishes through to high end equipment and cosmetic procedures.

    I visited the show with my mum, a salon owner, and we found ourselves bustling along with all the other guests but sadly not to much avail. it was far too busy when we arrived to get a real look at any of the products on offer and was i massively disappointed with shellac's new season colours (the main reason i wanted to go!) so i only ended up leaving the show with some new hair extensions in tow! my mum, on the other hand, opted to invest in a spot of botox which a doctor administered there and then in front of the might sound crazy but it is 100% safe and honestly the results are AMAZING. everyone is entitled to have their personal opinion on botox but i think that everyone should be allowed their own discretion on what they want to do with their body and i for one say you should be allowed to grow old as gracefully or disgracefully as you wish! i am extremeley annoyed at myself as i left my camera at home but i have posted a couple of pics below from various sources (linked underneath) so you get a jist of what the show was like! 

    Pro Beauty Show

    OPI Nails

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