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    Monday, 28 May 2012


    This afternoon my mum and I trotted off to London Bridge to visit the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum. Celebrating the 20th anniversary for Mr Louboutin's career, the museum presented a retrospective of his work showcasing twenty years of designs and inspirations.


    The exhibition was really interesting, filled with quotes from Christan Louboutin himself on all the walls and hundreds of shoes adorning the floors as you walked around. You weren't allowed to take photos but i managed a few sneaky ones as I walked round the museum! The exhibition carries on till the 9th July, and for a student costs only £6 so i recommend you get down there if you're as in love with shoes as i am......


    Sunday, 27 May 2012


    so this post is a little off-topic but its sunny i couldn't resist a post about my favourite thing.... barbecues!! as it was the eurovision song contest yday, i had a eurovision themed bbq with my friends - each of us selected a country, brought some food and drank cava and chatted in the sun before listening to some awful euro-cheese on the tele! the  spread was delicious, we had a selection of steak, chorizo, kebabs and burgers then delicious rustic breads, olives, garlic mussels and spicy rice and cous-cous (we know how to BBQ!). 

    Eurovision BBQ

    best of all my Swedes won (yayy!)...but sadly commiserations to the UK - hardly a suprise now was it Engle? 
    Did anyone else host a little eurovision party?

    Wednesday, 16 May 2012


    Bowler hat

    finally found my bowler hat and i am in love!

    Tuesday, 15 May 2012


    I first heard about the Ciate caviar manicure when people started re-tweeting images of their bejewelled nails onto my twitter feed so when Ciate set up there pop-up shop in Selfridges last week, I was first there to bag myself a set (or two!) 

    Ciate Caviar Manicure

    The sets come in three colour variations, I went for the rainbow and black pearl options but they also do a stunning mother of pearl which is a white polish with clear beads. Each set is £18 and should contain enough for 30 applications. 
    it's pretty simple to apply, you just paint a layer of polish on your nail, then after the second coat you sprinkle the tiny beads on and press into the nail to secure them and voilĂ ! Plus there's no need to worry about losing the beads as the set contains a tray and funnel to allow you to collect the excess & refill your bottle!

    Ciate Caviar Manicure

    i would definitely recommend the manicure if you want it for a one-night occasion but they are not durable in the slightest! I was told not to put any top coat on as the nails are supposed to have a jagged effect but i found that they were impossible to keep on! I had my mani done for a party and by the end of the night most of the beads had come off...i might try it again with a topcoat and see if that helps!

    Ciate Caviar Manicure