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    Friday, 22 June 2012


    so i FINALLY bought myself a pair of black patent dr.martens!! i've been lusting over them for well over a year now but could never work out if they would suit me or not. i'm quite short so i always thought they might make my legs look stumpy but i plucked up the courage (and stumped up the £75) for a shiny new pair and can report that i LOVE them!
    Dr Martins
    seeing as our summer has turned into a wash-out, they are the ideal shoes to team with my disco pants or even toughen up pretty skirts and opaque tights! i actually wore them last weekend to LOVEBOX with the outfit below and got lots of compliments. a word of warning though...they take a long while to break in so get yourself a big thick pair of socks and wear them around your house before venturing out! (as you can tell i took the photos post Lovebox...but i think it gives the boots character!)

    Dr Martins Lovebox Outfit

    Sunday, 10 June 2012

    My Week in Pictures #001

    Jumping on the bandwagon of the 'week in pictures' posts but i love looking other people's so thought i would share my own!
    Instagram Collage

    proud brit - playing with wigs - rum, soda & pineapple - happy eggs - vintage wine bar - cocktails
    new mantra - homemade nandos - outdated business cards - warehouse rave 
    our fancy dress effort - my brother, my world <3

    Wednesday, 6 June 2012


    over the last few weeks i've been looking everywhere for a denim jacket with customised beading or studding around the shoulders and collar but every one i've found has been like £150+ ....and i don't want one that badly!! So I thought i would give it ago and make one myself. I ordered a Topshop denim jacket on ebay for £7 and found some old beaded bracelets which i cut the elastic out and used the beads for my detailing - (you'll be amazed at how many old bracelet you have in your drawers!)

    DIY Denim JacketDIY Denim Jacket

    Next i went about glue-ing the beads along the collar of the shirt, I used copy-dex fabric glue (which is so disgusting and smells fishy) but i'm trying to source something a little stronger as i'm still worried the beads will drop off! I also put small pearl beads along the pocket line and cut off the arms so the jacket is now sleeveless....i'm pretty chuffed with the results so far but im still considering maybe spikes along the shoulders or some kind of studding. (sorry for the shameless mirror canon is out battery so the iphone has to surfice for now!)

    DIY Denim Jacket

    What do you guys think of my efforts so far? Anyone inspired to give it a go? I think it would look really nice on a chiffon blouse collar too! x 

    DIY Denim Jacket

    Tuesday, 5 June 2012


    I've been wanting to try out stiletto point nails for a while now after seeing them on Rihanna and Rita Ora but unfortuneatly my natural nails are tiny stumps and if i even tried to file them they would cease to exist... so i went out at the weekend and bought myself some acrylic tips and nail glue and set about giving myself a new ferocious manicure! 

    I've always been a big fan of Shellac gel rather than normal nail polish so I used new colour 'Hot Pop Pink' to achieve my slightly Barbie-esque result. It was fairly simple, glue the tips to my real nail then using a standard nail file, file the nail from both sides to create an angled point and apply the gel polish as normal. I'm really happy with how they turned out, although as they were SO long it was quite hard to do normal tasks for the first few days! 

    Shellac Nails

    Shellac Nails
    Pink Stiletto Nails

    What do you guys think of the result - anyone tried or going to try the stiletto point?