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    Tuesday, 5 June 2012


    I've been wanting to try out stiletto point nails for a while now after seeing them on Rihanna and Rita Ora but unfortuneatly my natural nails are tiny stumps and if i even tried to file them they would cease to exist... so i went out at the weekend and bought myself some acrylic tips and nail glue and set about giving myself a new ferocious manicure! 

    I've always been a big fan of Shellac gel rather than normal nail polish so I used new colour 'Hot Pop Pink' to achieve my slightly Barbie-esque result. It was fairly simple, glue the tips to my real nail then using a standard nail file, file the nail from both sides to create an angled point and apply the gel polish as normal. I'm really happy with how they turned out, although as they were SO long it was quite hard to do normal tasks for the first few days! 

    Shellac Nails

    Shellac Nails
    Pink Stiletto Nails

    What do you guys think of the result - anyone tried or going to try the stiletto point?


    1. lovely nails :) xo

    2. I love the nails, did you file them down yourself ?

      1. Yeah I filed them myself...I found it easiest to use nail scissors to cut the nail into a triangle then neaten up the edges with a nail-file! x

    3. I think I would have to fake it too, my nails are not that strong... I'm liking the look. Xx

    4. I love your nails!!! (I tweeted you lol!)
      Cute blog!!
      Would love if you checked mine out and followed if you likey? :)

      Tolu from

    5. Those nails are amazing. I'm dying to try this x

    6. I love these nails! definatley going to get some done like this x