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    Wednesday, 6 June 2012


    over the last few weeks i've been looking everywhere for a denim jacket with customised beading or studding around the shoulders and collar but every one i've found has been like £150+ ....and i don't want one that badly!! So I thought i would give it ago and make one myself. I ordered a Topshop denim jacket on ebay for £7 and found some old beaded bracelets which i cut the elastic out and used the beads for my detailing - (you'll be amazed at how many old bracelet you have in your drawers!)

    DIY Denim JacketDIY Denim Jacket

    Next i went about glue-ing the beads along the collar of the shirt, I used copy-dex fabric glue (which is so disgusting and smells fishy) but i'm trying to source something a little stronger as i'm still worried the beads will drop off! I also put small pearl beads along the pocket line and cut off the arms so the jacket is now sleeveless....i'm pretty chuffed with the results so far but im still considering maybe spikes along the shoulders or some kind of studding. (sorry for the shameless mirror canon is out battery so the iphone has to surfice for now!)

    DIY Denim Jacket

    What do you guys think of my efforts so far? Anyone inspired to give it a go? I think it would look really nice on a chiffon blouse collar too! x 

    DIY Denim Jacket


    1. love this idea! Might give it a try :) xx

    2. That looks awesome - great project!

    3. Love your style.. It's always great to see a trend setter!!! xxx

      1. Thank you so much, such a lovely comment! :) x x

    4. Super creative! I always think about doing these things but never actually follow it through! x

    5. I love the beads !! So cute and really work!
      I need to try this...!
      Please follow :)
      Hollie xx

    6. looks amazing! love the result! xx

    7. It looks great and so much more expensive than it cost you to make it yourself!

    8. Really impressed with the DIY skills! I am rubbish at making things pretty... wish I had the guts to get creative and customise! Love it!

    9. Love the jacket...and I love the mixture of beads, really works.

      Mimi x