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    Friday, 22 June 2012


    so i FINALLY bought myself a pair of black patent dr.martens!! i've been lusting over them for well over a year now but could never work out if they would suit me or not. i'm quite short so i always thought they might make my legs look stumpy but i plucked up the courage (and stumped up the £75) for a shiny new pair and can report that i LOVE them!
    Dr Martins
    seeing as our summer has turned into a wash-out, they are the ideal shoes to team with my disco pants or even toughen up pretty skirts and opaque tights! i actually wore them last weekend to LOVEBOX with the outfit below and got lots of compliments. a word of warning though...they take a long while to break in so get yourself a big thick pair of socks and wear them around your house before venturing out! (as you can tell i took the photos post Lovebox...but i think it gives the boots character!)

    Dr Martins Lovebox Outfit


    1. Oh I love your DMs, love that whole outfit!
      Taffeta is amazing!


    2. I so badly want a pair, they're perfect!