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    Thursday, 28 February 2013


    i've been desperate to eat at burger & lobster for well over a year now, so after rallying the troops i thought tonight would finally be the night - we arrived fresh-faced and were pleasantly surprised to find no queue at the door, just a nice lady and a clip-board.....however it turns out this lady wasn't so nice (i kid, she was lovely) but she delivered the not so nice news that there was in fact a 2 hour wait for a table. now i really wanted some lobster but i'm wasn't about to wait two hours for we changed plans and headed over to Dover Street to an american diner-type resteraunt called Automat.

    Automat Mayfair

    this was my first time at Automat, but a couple of the girls i was with had been before and promised good things so i was more than happy to give it a go. after a bit of bumbling by staff to find us a table, we were seated and ordered a round of cocktails and our food. i went for the Automate Burger with cheese whilst the others went for Mac&Cheese with a side of fries - which the waiter oddly tried to prevent us ordering.

    Automat Mayfair

    i can't vouch for the macoroni - which i'm told was lovely - but what i do know is that this was some burger! i ordered mine medium rare and added a good slatthering of tabasco on the cheese before sandwiching together and digging in! the beef was full of flavour and really juicy but the bun was firm enough to hold its own and not turn into a soggy mess!  i don't think my pictures do the burger  justice, but she really was a thing of beauty! to finish the meal off, we shared a pavlova between 3 of us - which was delicious - but it was devoured before i could get  a snap! 

    overall i was impressed with Automat and will definitely be returning... i spent double what I would had we got into burger and lobster but i've got to say the cosmopolitans more than made up for it!
    Automat Mayfair

    Automat Mayfair
    oh my holy hell

    Wednesday, 27 February 2013


    when i've had a fairly crazy week at work and want to cheer myself, i always knock up a bowl of my favourite naughty treat - eton mess.

    Meringues are really easy to make but for some reason people are scared of them! You simply need to beat 4 large egg whites in a bowl untill they are nice and fluffy and the mixture stands up in stiff peaks - trust me when i say you're better off using an electric whisk or you will be there for  a long time! next gradually add  115g caster sugar, a dessertspoonful  at a time before folding a third of 155g icing sugar. Scoop heaped dessert spoonfuls onto a baking tray and pop in the oven for an hour and a half.... 

    serve with a big dollop of ice cream and a fistful of raspberries and strawbs...

    Tuesday, 19 February 2013


    - shaka zulu - trying to eat healthy - failing miserably -
    - chip dress for chip week - homemade nandos - posing -
    - my hotel in sheffield - LV print taxi - ready for chip week

    Monday, 18 February 2013


    this post needs very little introduction - and i can barely contain my excitement as i type this - i have bought myself a pair of Louboutins!!

    seeing as i didn't have anyone to buy me red roses, i  thought i would treat myself to some red soles! okay so i'm finding it hard to justify the small fortune they cost me...but they're beautiful aren't they?! They're name is 'Highness', they're 160mm high and they're the most beautiful thing i own!



    Saturday, 16 February 2013


    i'm one of those annoying people that really loves their job - so i thought i would share a little peek into something super exciting which i worked on recently! i work within the food PR sector which means i am constantly surrounded by delicious treats and just last month i got the opportunity to go to Heston Blumenthal's 'Dinner' restaurant at the mandarin oriental to learn how to make their world famous triple-cooked chips from none other than Head Chef - Ashley Palmer Watts.

    i took some sneaky snaps of the kitchen and dining room as well as the gorgeous food which Ashley prepared for us  including the painstakingly prepared  (but oh so worth it) chips. Now these chips aren't no ordinary French fry...these triple-cooked beauties go thorough a rigorous process of  par-boiling, a quick freeze in the blast chiller, deep frying and then a final quick fry before being lovingly served with a good sprinkle of salt.

    Dinner by Heston
    Dinner By Heston
    Dinner by Heston

    - to finish off the evening, Ashley treated us to some of Heston's signature dessert 'Tipsy Cake' -  a heavenly combination of freshly cooked brioche and vanilla custard served with slowly-caramelised pineapple....heaven

    Dinner by Heston

    Tuesday, 5 February 2013


    Clothes Haul
    it's been a while...have you missed me?! after my long hiatus, i thought i'd quickly share my wish list for this month - from the extravagant to the fairly reasonable! i'd like to think i'd be able to purchase all of the above but i think i might have to keep dreaming for a little longer! 

    1. Celeb Boutique Blazer 
    2. Highness Louboutins

    3. River Island Turtle Neck
    4. River Island Tube Skirt
    5. River Island 'Bardot' top