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    Friday, 14 June 2013


    This post is somewhat of an obituary, as i'm sad to announce that my all-time favourite bronzer has been discontinued. i couldn't quite believe it when i headed to westfield to buy a replacement and the girl at the chanel counter told me they no longer stocked it! luckily i managed to buy the very last one that they had so thought i would do a short write up in its honour! 

    i love bronzer, it's the one product in my make-up bag that i can't live without and this is my ultimate favourite!   I buy Soleil Tan de Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Power in #64 Desert Bronze. it's a really nice warm shade that leaves a lovely natural radiance to my complexion without being too orange. It also leaves a slight shimmer on your skin which gives a nice glow and highlights the cheek bones. i often find other bronzers to go a bit 'claggy' on my skin and leave dark orange/brown patches but this is really moisturising and sweeps over the skin flawlessly. 

    i'm extremely sad to hear that it's been stopped (i have no idea why!), so would love to hear about any other bronzers people can recommend! Let me know your favourite so  i can find a replacement!

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    1. How annoying that they are discontinuing it, it's never happened to me but it would be such a disappointment!:( x

      - Jayne

      Electra Violet