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    Sunday, 9 March 2014


    Any restaurant that goes with the tag-line ‘give peas a chance’ is pretty damn awesome so Hummus Bros was already on to a winner in my eyes. The concept is pretty simple, you order a hummus base and chose a topping which comes served up to you with some warm pitta breads which you can use to scoop up the goodness and shovel into your drooling mouth.
    Hummus Bros Soho
    There are also a number of extra sides and salads which you can order to make up a proper meal. I’m a sucker for a Lebanese (food that is) so I also ordered the tabbouleh salad as a side dish – and I can confirm it’s amazing. It’s got the right kick of limon juice to balance out of the tomatoey, parsley goodness and tastes amazing spooned into your hummus mixture. I also went for extra jalapenos....

    Hummus Bros Soho

    Hummus Bros Soho

    Hummus Bros Soho

    Best of all, this is health food?! I know I don’t believe them either right! You can check out Hummus Bros for yourself at one of their several locations scattered across the capital:

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