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    Wednesday, 9 April 2014


    If you work in an office, and are anything like me, I'm sure you are familiar with the 4pm slump. the 4pm slump is that horrible boredom hunger which comes creeping on in-between having finished your lunch and keeping one eye on the clock so you can go home. it's usually around this time in my office when someone goes on a chocolate/crisp/carb run so i'm always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to keep myself from binging !

    I was recently sent some packs of Wonderful Pistachios and itI think I've found my 4pm saviour!

    Wonderful Pistachios come in a variety of flavours including: Sweet Chilli, Roasted Salted, Salt & Pepper and Roasted Unsalted. On first impressions, I thought the Roasted Salted would be my favourite - as I'm a stickler for traditon - but I adored the Sweet Chilli! They have just the right amount of heat to them and they're not sticky or sickly at all. At just 3 calories per nut, they're perfect to have on your desk for a little treat when 4pm hits AND what's more as they contain protein and fibre, they help to make you feel fuller for longer. Wonderful pistachios are priced £3.19 for 250g bag and are available at Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA and Sainsbury’s. For more information, have a look at the website here:

    Wonderful Pistachios
     Wonderful Pistachios

    Wonderful Pistachios