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    Friday, 13 June 2014


    Word on the street is Honest Burgers do some of the best burgers in London, so when i found out that they had a branch near Portobello Road Market, I had to make it my mission to get down there and put these Chinese whispers to the test.

    I went along with one of my oldest pals, Emma and we actually almost walked right past it. It's nestled on the left hand side of the street as you make your way along the market - it was bustling inside and luckily when we got inside a booth were just clearing off so we got our own little place to sit. 

    The menu is split up by chicken/beef/vegetable plus they have specials which are written out on the blackboards adorning the walls. 
    Honest Burgers Notting Hill
    Emma and I both went for the Honest burger - patty with red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce, which comes with signature rosemary fries.Washed down with ginger beer and homemade lemonade.....
    Honest Burgers Notting Hill
    Honest Burgers Notting Hill
    So the verdict - did the Honest live up to all the hype? Yes. Yes it did. It's not quite my best burger in London - that title is proudly held by the folks over at Patty & Bun but it's a very close second. The patty is nice and juicy and the bun is robust enough to stay together right until the last bite. 

    The chips definitely get a special nod - plus its becoming increasingly rare for restaurants to include chips alongside the meal instead of charging you extra so that's always a good thing. I highly recommend going to the Notting Hill branch so you can wander around Portobello afterwards...

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