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    Wednesday, 2 July 2014


    I was recently sent out a bottle of POM wonderful juice to try in the latest flavour: Pomegranate and Cloudy Apple. I've tried pomegranate juice before and wasn't very keen so it was with hesitation that i approached trying this juice but i'm open minded so i thought i'd give it a go....and i'm really glad i did! From the first sip, i loved it! it has a distinct sharp, tart flavour that cuts through - its really fresh and crisp , whilst still having a sweet edge. POM Wonderful juices also contain no sugars, preservatives or colours plus are a great source of potassium so you feel like it's doing you some good while you enjoy it. i will certainly be buying it again!

    Pom Wonderful Juice

    Pom Wonderful Juice

    you can buy POM Wonderful juice from Tesco for £3.65 for a 700ml bottle. (I was sent a bottle for the purpose of this review)