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    Tuesday, 11 November 2014


    Scrolling through my phone, i've realised i take an alarming amount of photos of food. whether it's when i'm sat at my desk at lunchtime or in a restaurant eating out, i just love taking snaps of my scoff so i thought this would be the perfect place to share the little shots which i've been storing up. i'm hoping to do this as a weekly series so check back soon!

    Monday: Dinner
    Chilli salmon fillet on a bed of grilled vegetables and brocolli

    salmon veg

    Tuesday: BreakfastScrambled eggs with tea-smoked salmon
    salmon eggs

    Wednesday: Lunch
    Salad with chicken, eggs, broccolli, peppers and lettuce

    high protein salad

    Thursday: Breakfast
    Avocado topped with smoked salmon

    avocado topped with salmon

    Friday: Dinner
    Chicken breast with pak choi, white cabbage, asparagus and green beans

    pak choi salmon beans

    Saturday: Dinner
    Pork Belly with bombay potatoes 
    pork belly bombay potatoes

    Burger with red onion chutney and chips

    burger stoke park

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