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    Tuesday, 18 November 2014


    Another week of food brings with it the second in my series of ‘A Week of Meals’ posts. This week I’ve been really trying to eat healthily and adopting an ‘eat clean’ approach to my meals. The idea is that meals should only contain natural ingredients (as a rule of thumb is, if it includes anything that you can’t pronounce on the ingredients list –don’t eat it). I have felt really energised and have noticed a reduction in the amount of bloating which I have after meals now that I’m eating a low-carb diet. Hopefully the meals below show that you can still eat interesting things, the more colourful the plate, the better!

    Monday: Lunch

    delicious salad of beans, sugar snap peas, tomato, pepper and feta
    Bean salad

    Tuesday: Breakfast
    bowl of oranges, blueberries, blackberries and a plum

    Wednesday: Dinner

    roasted vegetable couscous with hot pepper sauce and avocado

    cous cous avocados

    Thursday: Lunch

    another yummy salad packed with butter beans, sugar snap peas, tomato, seeds and peppers

    bean salad

    Friday: Lunch

    ham hock salad, with boiled egg, watercress, crushed new potato, peas and pesto

    tuna salad

    Saturday: Breakfast
    poached egg and avocado on toast
    avocado and eggs

    Sunday: Dinner

    wok fried liver, tenderstem broccoli, peppers and spinach in a garlic and soy sauce

    liver stirfry

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