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    Monday, 24 November 2014


    This week again has been about strict clean eating (with a couple of cheats in the form of condiments - i can't live without hot sauce!). I find i have a lot more energy when i don't eat carbs which i know is strange as they are a source of energy - but by restricting them to a low amount i feel less sluggish and bloated. Below is a summary of my favourite eats this week:

    Monday: Breakfast
    3 poached eggs, spinach and grilled vine tomatoes

    poached eggs

    Tuesday: Lunch
    Little salad of lambs lettuce, chicken and cucumber

    chicken salad

    Wednesday: Breakfast
    Three poached eggs and spinach, a pro-active yoghurt drink and green tea

    healthy eggs breakfast

    Thursday: Dinner
    Salad of spinach, avocado, cucumbers, olives, beetroot, toms, peppers and smoked salmon - my fav this week!

    salmon salad

    Friday: Dinner
    An attempt at home-made nandos. Peri rubbed chicken, cous-cous, cabbage and brocolli and charred peppers

    homemade nandos

    Saturday: Dinner
    Sweet potato, chicken, beans, pak choi and broccolli and asparagus

    sweet potato chicken

    Sunday: Lunch
    Spinach, peppers, toms, olives, poached egg and bacon salad with seeds

    egg salad

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