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    Saturday, 17 January 2015


    This is another entry in my series of 'apologies for the poor photo quality' posts - note to self: invest in a better camera/note to London restaurants: buy more light-bulbs! Anyway, apologies aside, if you’ve read the blog before, you might have noticed that I’m a self-professed carnivore – I love nothing more than a big, juicy steak, so when I recently met my parents in London for a bite to eat I knew straight where to head.

    Flat Iron, on Beak Street in Soho, is a one-dish concept restaurant with steak as its speciality. Diners can chose between the name sake option, a £10 Flat Iron steak with salad (which is incredibly good value) or opt for one of the daily specials. Feeling rather ravenous, my step-dad and I opted for one of the specials of the night – a glorious piece of rare rib eye steak for two the share.  My mum went for the speciality flat iron and we ordered dripping cooked fries, aubergines roasted with parmesan, tomato and basil and creamed spinach to be shared amongst us. I also opted for a bĂ©arnaise sauce to go with my steak – I’m addicted to the stuff!

    Flat Iron Steak

    Flat Iron Steak

    One of my favourite things about Flat Iron was the communial eating space, we shared a long bench with three guys who were having a university reunion – they roped up us in on horror stories of their antics and the trouble which they’d got themselves into over the years. We also shared favourite restaurants and they suggested Baltic be added as the next on our go-to list.

    Flat Iron SteakThey don’t take bookings, but you can pop your name on a list and head to the basement for a few drinks whilst you wait as we did – I recommend the strawberry and basil collins. Flat Iron are a social bunch so keep an eye on their twitter to find out more about the daily specials:
    Square Meal

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