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    Monday, 19 January 2015


    “Arrive hungry, leave drunk”. That's the tagline for this restaurant so it’s really no wonder that’s it’s one of my favourites! The other thing I love about MEATLiquor is the fact that despite all the hysteria around 2 hour queues around the street for a table – every time I’ve been, I’ve walked straight in and been seated! (Sundays afternoons seem to work a charm!).


    As soon as you walk through the front doors, you’re plunged into a dark, domed room complete with red lighting, wrought iron pillars, and sinister illustrations of owls, wolves and skulls adorning the walls. It’s not for the faint-hearted and it’s not very camera friendly but the food itself more than makes up for that! I actually quite like the vibe of the restaurant, it feels like a real hardened bar where you’d expect to find some seasoned drinkers glugging bourbon out the back and MEATLiquor seem keen to indulge that vision with  an impressive drinks menu to match. I always go for the fabulously named ‘Donkey Punch’ –
    vodka served over cubed ice with a dash of Absinthe and topped with spicy ginger beer, a dash of bitters and fresh lime.


    Meat Liquor is my idea of heaven with a hangover – I can only go following a night of drinking when all plans of calorie counting go out the window and I can feast on all the meaty, cheesiness goodness I desire! The tables each have a roll of kitchen towel plonked on them so you know this is a place for feasting. The dead hippie burger seems to be the sweetheart of the restaurant, but my favourite option is always the buffalo chicken burger. I can honestly say it is the best burger I’ve ever eaten (and I’m a beef kind of girl) – the combination of the hot sauce/ blue cheese and the crunchy batter is simply out of this world.


    Remember fries are made for sharing – and the chilli cheese fries in themselves are a meal! A huge mass of potato fries heaped with flavoursome chilli, melted cheese and chopped jalapenos – order these to share or face a man versus food challenge if you so wish!

    MeatLiquor Chicken Burger
    You can find them here: 74 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0AB -

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