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    Sunday, 11 January 2015


    apologies for the lack of blog posts recently - December was a fantastically busy time for me, not just because of all the festive celebration but also because i took a trip to New York city! 

    Wall Street New York

     New York

    I'd never been to NYC before so my mum and i packed our stuff up and took a girly trip to the big apple just before Christmas. Which is a neat intro to my first piece of advice to anyone planning a trip there, in December, it's freezing! I mean 2 jumpers, thermal long-johns and a coat cold. Butttt, once you get over how cold it is though, it is one hell of a town!

     New York

    we stayed in an area of the city called the lower east side - i'm told by the locals that it's where the trendy artists and musicians live, which you could tell instantly - it has a real shoreditch vibe! Our hotel was part of the Mr & Mrs Smith group, the newly opened The Ludlow on Ludlow Street. My favourite thing was that it was located right round the corner to Kat'z Deli - which you may recognise from when Harry met Sally!

    Katz Deli  New York

     New York Ludlow Hotel

    After dropping our bags off at the hotel, we armed ourselves with about six layers and set off for a walk around the block to explore our surroundings...stumbling upon Brooklyn bridge just down the road

    Brooklyn Bridge  New York

     New York

     New York


    Continuing our little stroll we happened upon wall street, the home of the financial hustle and bustle of New York....

     New York

    Trump Building New York

    New York Stock Exchange

     New York Subway

    Up at the top end of Wall Street is the a giant bronze charging bull, a gift to NYC from sculptor Arturo Di Modica, as a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity. Legend has it if you rub the horns, nose and testicles of the bull you will have good i guess it would be rude not to...

    Bronze Bull Wall Street

     New York Coffee

    After a couple of hours walking, we stopped for a much need coffee and obligatory new york doughnut. Check in tomorrow to find out more of our adventure....

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