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    Saturday, 21 February 2015


    I’m always on the look-out for the perfect 4pm pick me up to nibble at my desk and i think I’ve found a new contender for my favourite. YU! Healthy snacks are little fruit chews which come in flavours such as cute strawberry fruit hearts and yoghurt coated apples pieces. I'm a sucker for branding so I loved the packaging – all black with a pop of colour depending on the flavour of the fruit which I think is a nice touch. More importantly though, they taste really nice - my favourite was the raspberry mini chews followed by the yoghurt covered mango! As each bag has less than 100 calories they are a perfect afternoon treat and the handy size means you can throw a bag in your hand-bag to have on the move! 
    Yu Fruit
     Yu Fruit

    Yu Fruit

    Yu! Fruit Snacks* can be purchased from Tesco and are priced at 5 packs for £2.

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