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    Thursday, 5 February 2015


    Oh pasta, pasta, pasta. Like bread, it’s one of those foods that I absolutely adore but rarely get to eat as carbs just don’t seem to agree with me (think bloating/weight gain – not pretty).

    So when I was told about ‘Slim Pasta’  a clever range of pasta/rice products made by British food company Eat Water, and their new Italian ready meal range which had been launched, I was eager to give it a try and find out whether there really was a low-cal replacement for my beloved pasta. 

    The range was developed in partnership with Hari Pokhrel, Chef at Truc Vert restaurant in Mayfair, and is proven to be gluten, sugar and fat free plus promising to leave you feeling full. Each meal is made from a carbohydrate-free pasta/rice alternative called Konjac and comes it at well under 500 cals per day (handy if you’re on the 5:2 deit)

    So I hear you cry, what is it actually like?!

    Slim Pasta

    I was sent three flavours of the ready meals to try: Spaghetti Mediterranea, Spaghetti Arrabbiata and Spaghetti Bolognese. On first attempt, cooking was a little bit difficult. I used the microwave option which I found a bit tricky as you have to lay the bag down and cut a hole in the corner so I was paranoid I’d have a tomatoey mess exploding in my microwave.  On take two though, I used the hob and had much better results. Now remember what your mother always told you about it not all being about looks.. I promise it tasted much better than you’d expect! 

    Slim Pasta

    Being an advocate of a high protein diet, I decided to add a little chicken breast to the ‘Spaghetti Mediterranea’ dish (along with a teeny bit of yellow pepper for added crunch) – but the dishes are enjoyable on their own. Overall I was really impressed with the Slim Pasta range, they were filling and whilst the texture of the pasta is much softer than spaghetti, it does a good job as a low calories replacement. Each of the sauces had plenty of flavour, although, I did find myself reaching for the black pepper to liven it up a little. 

    You can buy the slim pasta range from priced from £4.49. Slim Pasta is also available Superdrug and Holland & Barret.

    The lovely people at Slim Pasta have agreed to let me give away a set of  ready meals – so one lucky winner will receive a full set including all four flavours to try! Simply comment below, answering this commenting your favourite pasta sauce below:

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    1. These look really interesting!

      Answer to your competition - I love pasta puttanesca (or slut's spaghetti)
      Katie x