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    Tuesday, 24 March 2015


    Work ‘socials’ are something which are massively encouraged in my office. Each month, one of us is selected to get everyone together and organise some kind of after work event where we can mingle and socialise outside the pressures of our busy office. We’ve done a variety of things from Jack the Ripper tours to pub quizzes, but our most recent social has been one of my favourites: pizza making! 
    Ponti's Italian Kitchen
    The venue of choice was Ponti’s Italian Kitchen, located just behind Oxford Circus which runs a ‘pizza scuola’ on Sunday-Thursday evenings. On arrival, we all lined up at a long table in front of the wood- oven kitchen and were introduced to one of the Ponti’s pizza chefs who would be our mentor for the evening. He spoke to us about how they make the pizza’s at Ponti’s and showed us the correct way to prepare and shape the dough, before giving us a demonstration by throwing dough in the air and spinning it around his fists! Each of us had our own pre-made dough base in front of us and were encouraged to practice stretching and shaping it into our desired pizza shape – the dough is really fragile, mine virtually split as soon as I stretched it so I decided to leave the pizza tossing to the professionals! 
    Ponti's Italian Kitchen
    Pizza Kitchen
    Pizza Scuola Ponti's
    Once we were happy with our bases, we got to work creating our own bespoke pizzas by loading them up with tomato sauce, cheese and a selection of ingredients which had been laid out before us. I went for a particularly piggy pizza consisting of chicken, red onion, chargrilled veg, goats cheese, olives, pepperoni  and chillis – literally everything in sight!! Your pizzas are then cooked in the kitchens and served to you back in the restaurant. We had such a good evening and was great fun being able to get hands-on with your dinner, I’d highly recommend going with friends or even as an alternative date idea, I know this is something my boyfriend Tom would love!

    The evening sessions cost £23.90 per person, in which your pizza, a glass of Prosecco and ice-cream is included. Ponti’s pizza school operates Sundays throught to Thursday and you can book on the website here:
    Pizza Making
    Homemade Pizza
    Ponti's Pizza Making Class
    5 - 7 John Princes Street Oxford Circus London W1G 0JN
    Square Meal

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