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    Wednesday, 15 April 2015


    As you may remember from my previous post, my company regularly puts on socials for everyone in the office so we get to socialise away from our desks

    After last month's pizza making, I didn't think they'd find something which would beat it untill i found out for this month we'd be doing wine tasting in Borough Market!

    For me, you don't get much better than an evening of cheese, meat and wine so we headed off in search of Bedales Wines for one of their signature wine tasting sessions.

    Bedales WineBedales WineBedales has three locations; Borough, Spitalfields and Leadenhall markets.

    They're open 7 days a week (except at Leadenhall, because let's face it nowhere in the city is open on weekends!). The beauty of the wine at Bedales is that every bottle on their shelves has a story - some are only on sale till they are gone, so once the wine is drunk it may never be on the menu again!

    Another great plus is that the staff are extremely knowledgable so if you tell them which type of wines you like, they can find something to match your tastes. Great for someone like me who enjoys wine, but is baffled when presented with a wine list!
    Wine Tasting Bedales
    Bedales Wine TastingWine Tasting Score CardFor our tasting we were in the private room upstairs. During the session, our host Angelo van Dyk (great beard) talked us through five wines; one sparkling, two white and two red. 

    The theme of the tasting was 'same but different' in that the wine was from the same grape but produced in different regions (eg France v New Zealand) meaning we could see the differences between the areas that wines were made.
    Vouvray Chenin Blanc First up a sparkling Vouvray made from the chenin blanc grape in the Louvre Valley. Everyone was calling out all the flavours and scents they were getting from the wine but for me all i wrote was "t 'fizzy' - i'm not much of a connoisseur...
    Radford Dale Chenin Blanc La Dilettante

    Followed by a South African Chenin Blanc from Radford Dale and a La Dilettante, again from the french region of the Vouvray.

    By this stage I started to be able to distinguish differences in the wines - mainly that I liked the South African, and didn't like the French...I'm sure I tasted peach somewhere

    After the whites, we headed over to red wine which I was most looking forward to! I like pretend i like red wine because it makes me feel grown up - but I couldn't hope of telling you the difference between a pinot noir from a malbec...
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Gruaud La Rose Wine
    I still probably can't tell you those differences but I can tell you that I loved the second bottle. It tasted like "Christmas in a glass" according to my notes* - a cross between brandy and apples. They offered to let us purchase the bottles but when they showed me the price, i smiled and politley declined...

    *It may be clear that I was quite drunk by the end of this session and I don't remember the details of what I was told. I promose it was really interesting and i did learn things but those glasses they give you are huge and it doesn't take much to get me drunk!
    The Chocolate Block Wine

    Wine Corks
    Cheese Wine TastingAfter draining the last of our final wine, we devoured a platter of meats and cheese sourced from Borough market before dispearing into the night a little worse for wear. If you are thinking about going wine tasting, please try Bedales! I promise it was un-brie-lievable!

    5 Bedale Street, London SE1 9AL
    Square Meal Bedales Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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