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    Wednesday, 29 April 2015


    I've been writing this blog for quite a while now but have only recently began dabbling in the idea of 'blogger meet-ups'. I've always been a bit nervous about going out of my comfort zone & meeting new people but when I got the e-mail from the lovely Lauren saying this particular event would be chocolate making, I knew I just had to go. 

    The meetup itself took place at MyChocolate UK, a company which runs chocolate workshops in a beautiful kitchen by Regent's Canal in Hackney. We got to meet CEO Hannah Saxton who took the bold decision to set up My Chocolate UK using the money from her student loan. She explained that she started out by offering chocolate work-shops from her flat in Shepherd's Bush and gradually it snowballed in the business that it is today, offering chocolate packages for individuals, hen parties and corporate events across the UK.

    MyChocolateUK chocolate workshop, London
    MyChocolateUK chocolate sprinkles
    Marshmallows, Sprinkles
    Hannah and her team very kindly invited us into their little chocolate kingdom on Sunday morning and immersed us in all things cocoa...
    Chocolate recipe books
    white chocolate
    I was on a table with a lovely group of bloggers - some of whom I realised I already followed on Twitter and some completely new faces.One of my favourite things about writing this blog is the lovely people I've had the chance to interact with so give these lovely ladies a follow if you don't already: Kate, Pippa, Fran, Ashleigh, Amanda, Leanne and Hayley
    melted chocolate
    bloggers chocolate making bloggers chocolate making
    To kick things off, our Canadian chocolatier Davis talked us through how to taste chocolate and gave us insights into what makes a high quality chocolate stand out from your average 'advent calendar' chocolate. We also got to taste chocolates with exotic flavour combinations such as lemon, poppyseed, cardamon and ginger to encourage us to identify the flavourings within them.

    Once we'd finished our tasting session, we got down to the chocolate-making itself. Davis walked us through how to make a ganache and techniques for dipping and decorating our chocolate - making it all look very easy - before setting us off in pairs to try it for ourselves...
    MyChocolate Chocolate Workshop
    Making TrufflesHomemade chocolate truffles
    I'l be honest I think my camera made my attempt look better than they really were, I was actually embarrased giving my chocolates to my boyfriend afterwards but they tasted good and that's what it's all about right...?
    Home-made chocolate trufflesChocolate Truffles
    I honestly had such a good morning, it was great to be able to meet so many girls who's blogs I follow - I'm only disappointed that I didn't get to speak to everyone that I wanted to but hopefully I'll get to see you lovely ladies at another event soon!

    10C Branch Place, London N1 5PH

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    1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I only wish I was closer so I could have joined in on the fun, however Canada is a long trek for chocolate making :) great post

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