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    Monday, 11 May 2015


    I don't know about you, but I seem to think I'm some kind of high roller when bank holidays come around...last month, I managed to spend 80% of my wages in those 4 days off over Easter which resulted in me spending the remainder of the month living off tinned tomatoes and water untill I got paid again...not big or clever.

    So for the early May Bank Holiday in an effort to take it easy and do something cheap but fun, my boyfriend and I packed up the car, headed to North Wales and went camping!
    Benllech in North Wales Camping in Benllech, North Wales
    We headed for a beautiful area called Benllech on the isle of Anglesey and found ourselves a little spot of grass on the hillside with a stunning view overlooking the Irish sea

    Luckily I was in the hands of a camping expert - Tom had everything we needed from sleeping-bags and roll mats to chairs and windbreakers - plus he pitched the tent in about 5 minutes flat....whilst I stood around trying to make myself useful....
    Tent, camping Benllech in North Wales
    We spent the remainder of our day taking a walk along the coastal path taking in the beautiful scenery North Wales has to offer....
    Camping in Benllech in North Wales Bluebells, North Wales
    Before coming back to our little temporary 'home', lighting the BBQ for well deserved feast and just relaxing in each other's company. I won't lie, it was bloody windy - but it was so nice being snuggled up in our little tent listening to the world outside. What wasn't so nice, was the birds waking us up at 5.30am (note: take earplugs next time!)
    Meat BBQCorona while camping
    Burgers, BBQ Camping
    The next day, we packed up our belongings and made the most of the sunshine by heading into nearby Conwy to take a look around the town and its harbour - stopping for fish and chips on the seafront
    Conwy, North Wales
    Conwy Castle, North WalesCouple
    I honestly had one of the best weekends and we spent next to nothing doing it. Our tent pitch cost us £8 each and we spent about £50 on food, plates, cutlery, toiletries etc and then some money for petrol but we've now got all the bits we need so next time it'll be even cheaper.

    The best thing about our camping experience was that I got to spend loads of time with Tom, just the two of us, and it was so much more romantic (yes camping is romantic!) than any night we've spent staying away in hotels. We've definitely got the camping bug.... we're planning to head up to the Lake District this weekend to do it all over again!

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