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    Sunday, 24 May 2015


    Hello! Georgina here from Georgina Does - a fashion but mostly lifestyle blog based in London. I am a massive fan of Elle Bloggs so I was super pleased when she let me have a little guest posting spot here! I know we both love writing about food so of course this post had to be food related!

    I recently got myself a job (woo) just off Tottenham Court Road which has been a more amazing location that I could have imagined. Just down the road from Soho square, when it's sunny I often go wandering around Soho during my lunch breaks, looking out for a tasty after lunch treat to bring back to the square and eat in the sunshine. There is so much going on there that I am always coming across new places that I have never noticed before.

    Bubble Tea 
    When bubble tea first became a thing here in the UK I was pretty sceptical - it wasn't until I was invited to Chatime one afternoon that I discovered that I actually like it! I will now only go to Chattime because I love their chewy tapioca bubbles although, they always give me heartburn and indigestion. I have a really sensitive stomach and no matter how delicious, the bubbles just don’t agree. Rather than missing out on a fave snack of mine, I have just resorted to keeping a pot of Gaviscon in my desk drawer for when it gets too much to handle.
    Ice Cream
    Whenever it's sunny out all I want to do is pretend that it really is summer and eat ice cream. I have a few different places that I stick with depending on how I feel. There is a cinema across the road from the office which has a ben and Jerrys stand at the entrance so that was great for free cone day - although, I can (and do) have ben and Jerrys whenever I want so my favourite place for a lunch time ice cream treat is now Snowflake Gelato which I had heard loads about but only got my first taste a few weeks ago. It was soft and creamy and delicious and I am constantly thinking about my next visit.
    If I'm in the mood for ice cream but I need to eat it at my desk, I pop to Waitrose for the most delicious pot of salted caramel ice cream from Jude’s.

    Boost Juice
    If you know me - you will know that I am obsessed with Boost, during the summer I am there every day and luckily for me there is one right outside Tottenham court road station. I am a bit of a perfectionist about them though - I used to work there so I learnt exactly how thick and how much of this and that goes into my perfect smoothie. I usually go for the chocolate ones although the banana buzz is pretty delicious.

    Where Do You Like To Snack In Soho? 

    I'd love to know if you have any suggestions for me! Drop by and say Hello!

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