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    Tuesday, 26 May 2015


    Anyone who knows me, will tell you i'm a self-confessed carnivore - just take a look back through my blog posts and it's all steaks, burgers and bacon! So you may be suprised to know that I recently went along to a cooking workshop for Quorn. Yes as in the vegetarian Quorn...
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Blogger Event
    I'd never tried Quorn before, to be honest I never had the desire to (something about textures), but something about their 'Healthy Proteins' campaign intrigued me and I wanted to find out if Quorn really could be used in place of actual meat.

    With a completely open mind and a drink in hand, I went along to the Underground Cookery School to learn how to cook healthy meals using Quorn. The team had put together a healthy balanced menu of Pulled 'Pork' buns, Green Thai Curry and a chocolate torte to showcase Quorn's versatility along with some canapes to start us on our meat-free journey....
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Blogger EventUnderground Cookery School - Quorn Blogger Event
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Blogger Event Sausage Rolls
    Before they let us loose in the kitchen, we had a talk about Quorn. What fascinated me about Quorn was that it is nutritionally really high in protein and low in sat fats - but also very low in calories.

    When looking at the calorie content of the meals we were cooking, compared to their meaty counterparts - the calories count was drastically lower! 87 calories in the Quorn pulled pork, compared to a whopping 610 calories for the real deal. As someone who follows the 5:2 diet - this is music to my ears, I can replace meat with Quorn on fast days without comprising on flavours or the foods I like. 

    And that's the other thing that interested me about Quorn. They aren't all about turning us all vegetarian. They don't hate meat eaters and don't insist you cut it out completely but instead encourage you to make little changes towards meat free living. Only 25% of people that eat Quorn are actually vegetarian - which sort of suggests they must be doing something right...
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Blogger Event
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Cooks Blogger Event
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Pulled Pork Buns
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Pulled Pork
    Underground Cookery School - Quorn Thai Curry
    Underground Cookery School - Chocolate Torte
    I'm pleased to report that I was impressed with Quorn. I'm never going to give up meat, but I definitely will consider using Quorn as a meat substitute on a 5:2 day - it's great to find a product which is low calories but also contains a lot of the essential nutrients you need, without compromising on taste. A big thank you to the team behind Quorn for inviting me and making me an open-minded carnivore. Also big thanks to Preston Perfect Photography for some of the images used in this post!

    I'd love to hear from any readers who eat Quorn. How do you use it?
    World Meat Free Day is coming up on the 15th June so why not get involved?

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