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    Friday, 8 May 2015


    For my boyfriend's birthday, I wanted to take him away somewhere really special as a little treat.
    Before i'd even started planning, I knew The Crazy Bear was the place I had to take him...
    If you've not heard of it before, The Crazy Bear is a boutique hotel residing within the oldest building (a 15th-century inn) in the town of Beaconsfield - just off the M40 outside London

    As soon as you walk through the oversized oak doors to the hotel, you're transported into something out of this world. Lavish, decadent, flambouyant in every sense of the words - the hotel is like moulin rouge on steriods!

    On check-in we were given a glass of champagne and taken through to our room - mouths wide open.Whilst being lead through the hotel, the clerk told us previous guests had likened our suite to 'Christian Grey's Red Room' and she wasn't kidding....
    Suite 6, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    Red crocodile-skin floors, red fur walls, exposed wooden beams and more velvet and chiffon than you can imagine!
    Suite 6, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
     Everything about the room screams "OTT"....but I loved it! We were given a bottle of champagne to enjoy in the room - which was the size of an apartment, split out into a sitting area, bedroom and wet-room style bathroom.
    Suite 6, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    Suite 6 Bedroom, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    Everything about the room felt so luxurious and surreal - you really do have to stay there to believe that a place like this exists!
    Suite 6, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    Suite 6 Bathroom, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    Suite 6 Bathroom, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    And the highlight of the room for me? The copper bath, which filled from a tap on the ceiling, which sat at the foot of our bed!
    Copper Bath, Suite 6, Crazy Bear Beaconsfield
    I loved our stay at the Crazy Bear - the room was out of this world and the hotel is stunning. I got our suite as part of a Groupon offer where we also got a seven-course dinner and breakfast included so check back for my seperate post on the food (of course!) coming soon.....

    75 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1LX

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    1. I've only been here for brunch & I highly recommend it! There is also one just off Seven dials in London x