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    Saturday, 27 June 2015


    As far as I'm concerned eggs are a super-food. You may have seen my post recently where I was raving about how eggs are cheap, versatile, nutrient dense and delicious and I wanted to go a step further and include them in my new 'Focus on' series where I take a closer look at different food types and discuss them a little more depth.

    As you'll know, I love eggs but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding our yolky friends so i'm hoping to clear up some of those myths.

    Why are eggs so good for you?
    First off, eggs are packed full of high quality protein, but they also contain vitamins D,A, B2 and B12 which contribute towards healthy teeth and bones. Eggs are also good for satiety, meaning they keep you fuller for longer, and with a medium egg only containing around 70 calories they are a godsend for dieters! Eggs are also very low in saturated fats.

    Will eating eggs will give you salmonella?
    This is one of the most widely believed falsities surrounding UK eggs. I say UK, as if you buy eggs stamped with the little red Lion mark, you can rest assured that your eggs have been vaccinated against salmonella - and seeing as all eggs bought in UK retailers carry the Lion mark, you are pretty safe. Imported eggs don't follow the same quality standards as the UK so always looks for the Lion to be sure of quality and safety.

    I thought you can only eat X number of eggs per day/week?
    Again not true. There is now no limit on the number eggs which we can eat. It was once believed that the cholesterol in eggs was bad for heart health, but it has now been found that its saturated, not dietary cholesterol found in eggs, which has an effect on our blood cholesterol.

    What is a  double yolker?
    A double yolker is an egg which contains two yolks - my idea of food heaven! Double yolkers tend to come from young hens whose hormone systems haven't quite developed yet and are quite a rare feat. The British Egg Information Service estimate the likelihood as less that 0.1%. M&S have recently launched boxes of double yolkers which will set you back £".75 for a box of 6!

    If you'd like to find out more information on eggs, the Egg Info website is packed full of interesting facts, figures and research about eggs along with the Egg Recipes website where you can find lots of great recipe inspiration.

    * I was sent a kitchen gadget by British Lion Eggs in exchange for this post

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    Thursday, 25 June 2015


    A trip to Paris wouldn't be complete without a visit to Ladurée so I thought the world famous luxury baker deserved a post in its own right. Laduree is famed for producing some of the best macarons in the world, known for its emphasis on single flavoured varities in candy coloured shells.   

    There are six locations in Paris, including the flag-ship store along the Champs Élysées. You can dine in the restaurant, but they also have a counter making it easy to purchase some delicious treats to take away with you afterdwards.
    Laduree Macarons
    Don't be put off by the daunting queue outside, the buying process here is a well-oiled machine. Your order will be taken, hand-selected and expertley packed into a beautiful Laduree boxes. There's a reason why Laduree is so well sought after, a great amount of attention & care goes into each order.
     Laduree Macarons
    Laduree Macarons
    Taking a peek into the cabinets of patisteries makes you feel like a child in a sweet shop again. Rows of perfectly hand-decorated cakes and pastries in uniform lines ready to be selected by hungry customers. The show-stopper for me was the Ispahan, a rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream, and embellished with fresh raspberries, simply stunning!
    Laduree Macarons
    Laduree Macarons
    As it would have been rude not to bring a box home with me so I chose a box of six macarons containing rose, pistaschio, ginger, raspberry, lemon & red fruit flavours. It took very strong will power to refrain from taking the whole cabinet with me! I adore lemon so this was my favourite, light & airy whilst having a subtle sharp flavour.
    Laduree Macarons
    Laduree Macarons
    Laduree Macarons
     If you're not heading out to Paris anytime soon, you can still enjoy Laduree in the UK from one of the four London locations including Harrods:
    87-135 Brompton Road, London SW1X 7XL

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    Wednesday, 24 June 2015


    If you caught yesterday's post, you'll have seen that I popped over to Paris earlier this month for a little girlie weekend away with my mum. You also might have noticed that yesterday's post was distinctly missing food. Obviously I wouldn't go all the way to Paris and not snap any food pictures for you, so here I've rounded up my favourite Paris food spots!

    The Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame
    The French equivalent of a cheese and ham toastie. Why does everything sound so much more refined in French? Simplicity is what makes the Croque Monsiur so beautiful - two slices of bread with layers of ham and thinly sliced Gruyère. Add a fried egg on top and you've got a Madame. We found a little Bistro, Cafe Kleber, to eat and watch the world go by..
    Croque madame and chipscroque monsieur and saladcup of coffee with menu and cutlery
    Le Relais De L'Entrecote
    You'd be hard pressed to find a bistro in Paris that doesn't serve Steak frites, and the steak frites at Le Relais De L'Entrecote is so good people are prepared to queue right round the block for it. There's only one dish on the menu, all you tell the waitress is what you want to drink and how you want it cooked. Make sure you leave room for seconds as the waitresses will fill your plate with more steak and fries as soon as you clear your first round 
    steak and chips
     steak and chips with sauce
    Charbon Rouge
    If you're not willing to queue for your steak, Charbon Rouge is the place for you. Just a few doors down from Le Relais De l'entrecôte, you can stalk off here if the queue is too long. On offer is a good selection of meats, cooked on the charcoal grill, along with side dishes including roasted veg, salads and of course frites. Think Argentine steak house in the heart of Paris and you're on the right track.
    bowl of roasted vegetables
    plate of steak
    Another food you can find on nearly every French corner is the crepe. Street vendors sell them filled with nutella, which you can gran and go, but it's worth stopping in a bistro to sit down and try the more decadent flavours such as this cherry, ice cream and kirsch beauty below. My mum went for the grand marnier which was set alight before tucking in - a deliciously naughty treat!
    pancake with cream and berries
    Any blog post about the food in Paris is bound to feature Angelina in its line up. Famed for it's decadently rich hot chocolate, which comes complete with a saucer of whipped cream, Angelina is home to some of Paris' most beautiful cakes. Go for something a little less sickly with the French Onion Soup which comes with a croûton laden with molten Gruyère cheese....and I suppose it would be rude to not try a cake or two...
    french onion soup
    Hot chocolate
    raspberry sponge with fresh berries
    strawberry macaron and fresh berries
    selection of fresh macarons
    Is there any Paris foodie favorites which I missed off? Let me know in the box below!

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    Tuesday, 23 June 2015


    It's hard to believe that you can get across the channel and over to France in less time than it takes me to get to Liverpool to see my boyfriend. My mum & I decided to exploit this fact by taking a little girlie trip across to Paris earlier this month. 

    I haven't been to Paris since I went to Euro Disney with the Brownies so I was really excited to see everything the iconic city of romance had to offer. My mum and I got a really cheap deal on a hotel by the Eiffle Tower using's Secret Hotel's, it was an ideal location for us to be within walking distance of much of Paris.
    My mum is terrified of trains so we did a lot of walking, as in 20km of walking every day, but another really good way of getting round the city is on the Batobus. For 16 euros, you get a hop-on hop-off pass to board the boat which does a loop of the seine, stopping at nine iconic locations. It makes it so easy to get around the heart of Paris, starting at the Eiffle Tower, down to Notre Dame and round towards the Louvre and the Champs-Elyees.
    We hopped off at Notre Dame so we could get one last look at one of the infamous 'Love Lock' bridges before the padlocks are removed. Couples have been attaching padlocks ingraved with each others initials for years, but as of earlier this month Paris officials have begun removing the locks due to fears of the bridges collapsing. I'm such an old romantic so I wanted to put a lock on the bridge before it was too late. I bought a padlock from a local shop and 'locked' Tom & I in before throwing the key into the Seine- it's probably been removed by now but the sentiment is still there!
    I loved walking around Paris. The architecture is beautiful and the city is so relaxed. The thing I found most contrasting with London is the lack of people rushing about - at home everyone is in a rush to work or to a meeting whereas in Paris, the business district, Le Defense, is outside the city so you don't find as many people rushing frantically to and fro. It's also refreshing to see a city which isn't littered with skyscrappers across the skyline.
    We had such a lovely weekend in Paris, I got to see so many of its iconic landmarks and my mum and I got to spend some quality time together, gossiping and exploring the city. Some of you may have noticed that this post has a distinct lack of food, which is unline me, so tune in tomorrow and take a look at how we ate our way around the French captital...

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    Sunday, 21 June 2015


    I think the weather gods must have heard me rain dancing lately because the sun has finally decided to rear its head for British summertime. And what do British people do when the sun comes out? They BBQ of course - but since I don't have a private garden, I went to Hotbox in search of the tastes of the grill....

    Tucked away, inconspicuously on Commercial Road, you'll find Hotbox. Tom & I walked past twice before actually 'finding' it so if you intend to go, look for the big black doors and you'll know you're there.
    Neon Sign in restaurant
    table setting in restaurant
    The restaurant was empty when we arrived dead on 6pm and we were seated on high stools facing the window. I had wanted to sit on the communal benches in the main area but as the restaurant began to fill up, I was glad we had our own little area - plus I got the benefit on natural lighting!

    Food wise, there's no real starters as such so we both opted for the Hotbox selection so we could sample most of the dishes off the menu. For £21 you get to try the beef short rib, pork rib, chicken thigh, hot link sausage and pulled pork. 
    menu inside restaurant
    The meat was all very juicy, with a big smoky flavours, ( I loved the chicken thigh) although by the end it all started to have the same taste! They don't serve any ketchup at Hotbox (booo) but you can get a selection of hot sauces to go with your meats.
    Platter of BBQ meats
    I wanted to love HotBox, it has the formula to be my perfect restaurant, but for some reason I really didn't. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad in the slightest; the food was good and the service was okay (not worthy of the 12.5% charge) but there was just something a bit off on the day I went.

    Maybe we just caught them at a bad time, but it felt like we rushed out the door and the waitress wasn't too bothered about whether we were enjoying ourselves or not. I'm glad I've been, I enjoyed the food but I just wouldn't go again....

    46-48 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT
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    Square Meal

    Wednesday, 17 June 2015


    Tom and I were supposed to spend our Friday night watching Fleetwood Mac in Manchester. We'd bought the tickets back in November and waited months planning our little weekend away, only for Fleetwood to cancel the gig about five hours before it was due to start - BUT rather than letting that put a dampner on our trip, it allowed us to discover a new favourite restaurant, Neighbourhood. 
    You can find Neighbourhood in the trendy Spinningfields area of Manchester, just along from Aidan Byrne's Manchester House. Our waitress explained to us that Neighbourhood styles itself on Manhattan eateries and the menu is designed to either be shared 'tapas' style or you can opt for your own main dish.

    We decided to share a few starters but chose our own main courses in an attempt to cover as much of the menu as possible. Whilst deciding on our plan of attack, we ordered a round of drinks and some bread, which comes with the most amazing caramalised onion butter to get us started...
    First up we went for the Mini Wagyu Burgers (£15 for 3), which were incredible. Each bite was packed with flavour and the beef had a beautiful melt-in-the-mouth texture..
    Followed by Lobster Tacos (£12 for 3). Again these were another star dish. The lobster pieces were generous and meaty - lightly battered and served alongside a sweet ketchup and crunchy slaw.
    Tom's favourite starter was the Chorizo Croquettes (£6.50 for 3) served with sun blushed tomato salsa and charred padron pepper. Did you know that around 1 in 10 of these babies is incredibly hot...
    For the main course I ordered the national park lamb (£23) which was served with shallot, buttered samphire, tomato concasse & pine nuts. Slightly on the fatty side but delicious in taste and cooked exactly how I like it. I also loved the use of samphire, it adds such a fresh, crunchy texture to the dish.
    Tom went for the 10oz Rib Eye Steak (£21) which was cooked medium as requested, just slightly too salty, and we shared a portion of 'Neighbourhood' fries and wilted spinach.

    Now let's talk puddings - because you're going to want to save a little bit of room for those. Neighbourhood have an amazing choice of sharing desserts which are perfect if you don't want something all to yourself. We went for the Ice Cream Cones (£10) - a selection of sorbets and ice creams served up in waffle cones for us to share. My favourite was the lemon/lime sorbet, deliciously sour and served with a cherry on top!
    The Avenue North, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3BT

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