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    Tuesday, 23 June 2015


    It's hard to believe that you can get across the channel and over to France in less time than it takes me to get to Liverpool to see my boyfriend. My mum & I decided to exploit this fact by taking a little girlie trip across to Paris earlier this month. 

    I haven't been to Paris since I went to Euro Disney with the Brownies so I was really excited to see everything the iconic city of romance had to offer. My mum and I got a really cheap deal on a hotel by the Eiffle Tower using's Secret Hotel's, it was an ideal location for us to be within walking distance of much of Paris.
    My mum is terrified of trains so we did a lot of walking, as in 20km of walking every day, but another really good way of getting round the city is on the Batobus. For 16 euros, you get a hop-on hop-off pass to board the boat which does a loop of the seine, stopping at nine iconic locations. It makes it so easy to get around the heart of Paris, starting at the Eiffle Tower, down to Notre Dame and round towards the Louvre and the Champs-Elyees.
    We hopped off at Notre Dame so we could get one last look at one of the infamous 'Love Lock' bridges before the padlocks are removed. Couples have been attaching padlocks ingraved with each others initials for years, but as of earlier this month Paris officials have begun removing the locks due to fears of the bridges collapsing. I'm such an old romantic so I wanted to put a lock on the bridge before it was too late. I bought a padlock from a local shop and 'locked' Tom & I in before throwing the key into the Seine- it's probably been removed by now but the sentiment is still there!
    I loved walking around Paris. The architecture is beautiful and the city is so relaxed. The thing I found most contrasting with London is the lack of people rushing about - at home everyone is in a rush to work or to a meeting whereas in Paris, the business district, Le Defense, is outside the city so you don't find as many people rushing frantically to and fro. It's also refreshing to see a city which isn't littered with skyscrappers across the skyline.
    We had such a lovely weekend in Paris, I got to see so many of its iconic landmarks and my mum and I got to spend some quality time together, gossiping and exploring the city. Some of you may have noticed that this post has a distinct lack of food, which is unline me, so tune in tomorrow and take a look at how we ate our way around the French captital...

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