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    Wednesday, 24 June 2015


    If you caught yesterday's post, you'll have seen that I popped over to Paris earlier this month for a little girlie weekend away with my mum. You also might have noticed that yesterday's post was distinctly missing food. Obviously I wouldn't go all the way to Paris and not snap any food pictures for you, so here I've rounded up my favourite Paris food spots!

    The Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame
    The French equivalent of a cheese and ham toastie. Why does everything sound so much more refined in French? Simplicity is what makes the Croque Monsiur so beautiful - two slices of bread with layers of ham and thinly sliced Gruyère. Add a fried egg on top and you've got a Madame. We found a little Bistro, Cafe Kleber, to eat and watch the world go by..
    Croque madame and chipscroque monsieur and saladcup of coffee with menu and cutlery
    Le Relais De L'Entrecote
    You'd be hard pressed to find a bistro in Paris that doesn't serve Steak frites, and the steak frites at Le Relais De L'Entrecote is so good people are prepared to queue right round the block for it. There's only one dish on the menu, all you tell the waitress is what you want to drink and how you want it cooked. Make sure you leave room for seconds as the waitresses will fill your plate with more steak and fries as soon as you clear your first round 
    steak and chips
     steak and chips with sauce
    Charbon Rouge
    If you're not willing to queue for your steak, Charbon Rouge is the place for you. Just a few doors down from Le Relais De l'entrecôte, you can stalk off here if the queue is too long. On offer is a good selection of meats, cooked on the charcoal grill, along with side dishes including roasted veg, salads and of course frites. Think Argentine steak house in the heart of Paris and you're on the right track.
    bowl of roasted vegetables
    plate of steak
    Another food you can find on nearly every French corner is the crepe. Street vendors sell them filled with nutella, which you can gran and go, but it's worth stopping in a bistro to sit down and try the more decadent flavours such as this cherry, ice cream and kirsch beauty below. My mum went for the grand marnier which was set alight before tucking in - a deliciously naughty treat!
    pancake with cream and berries
    Any blog post about the food in Paris is bound to feature Angelina in its line up. Famed for it's decadently rich hot chocolate, which comes complete with a saucer of whipped cream, Angelina is home to some of Paris' most beautiful cakes. Go for something a little less sickly with the French Onion Soup which comes with a croûton laden with molten Gruyère cheese....and I suppose it would be rude to not try a cake or two...
    french onion soup
    Hot chocolate
    raspberry sponge with fresh berries
    strawberry macaron and fresh berries
    selection of fresh macarons
    Is there any Paris foodie favorites which I missed off? Let me know in the box below!

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