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    Saturday, 27 June 2015


    As far as I'm concerned eggs are a super-food. You may have seen my post recently where I was raving about how eggs are cheap, versatile, nutrient dense and delicious and I wanted to go a step further and include them in my new 'Focus on' series where I take a closer look at different food types and discuss them a little more depth.

    As you'll know, I love eggs but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding our yolky friends so i'm hoping to clear up some of those myths.

    Why are eggs so good for you?
    First off, eggs are packed full of high quality protein, but they also contain vitamins D,A, B2 and B12 which contribute towards healthy teeth and bones. Eggs are also good for satiety, meaning they keep you fuller for longer, and with a medium egg only containing around 70 calories they are a godsend for dieters! Eggs are also very low in saturated fats.

    Will eating eggs will give you salmonella?
    This is one of the most widely believed falsities surrounding UK eggs. I say UK, as if you buy eggs stamped with the little red Lion mark, you can rest assured that your eggs have been vaccinated against salmonella - and seeing as all eggs bought in UK retailers carry the Lion mark, you are pretty safe. Imported eggs don't follow the same quality standards as the UK so always looks for the Lion to be sure of quality and safety.

    I thought you can only eat X number of eggs per day/week?
    Again not true. There is now no limit on the number eggs which we can eat. It was once believed that the cholesterol in eggs was bad for heart health, but it has now been found that its saturated, not dietary cholesterol found in eggs, which has an effect on our blood cholesterol.

    What is a  double yolker?
    A double yolker is an egg which contains two yolks - my idea of food heaven! Double yolkers tend to come from young hens whose hormone systems haven't quite developed yet and are quite a rare feat. The British Egg Information Service estimate the likelihood as less that 0.1%. M&S have recently launched boxes of double yolkers which will set you back £".75 for a box of 6!

    If you'd like to find out more information on eggs, the Egg Info website is packed full of interesting facts, figures and research about eggs along with the Egg Recipes website where you can find lots of great recipe inspiration.

    * I was sent a kitchen gadget by British Lion Eggs in exchange for this post

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