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    Sunday, 21 June 2015


    I think the weather gods must have heard me rain dancing lately because the sun has finally decided to rear its head for British summertime. And what do British people do when the sun comes out? They BBQ of course - but since I don't have a private garden, I went to Hotbox in search of the tastes of the grill....

    Tucked away, inconspicuously on Commercial Road, you'll find Hotbox. Tom & I walked past twice before actually 'finding' it so if you intend to go, look for the big black doors and you'll know you're there.
    Neon Sign in restaurant
    table setting in restaurant
    The restaurant was empty when we arrived dead on 6pm and we were seated on high stools facing the window. I had wanted to sit on the communal benches in the main area but as the restaurant began to fill up, I was glad we had our own little area - plus I got the benefit on natural lighting!

    Food wise, there's no real starters as such so we both opted for the Hotbox selection so we could sample most of the dishes off the menu. For £21 you get to try the beef short rib, pork rib, chicken thigh, hot link sausage and pulled pork. 
    menu inside restaurant
    The meat was all very juicy, with a big smoky flavours, ( I loved the chicken thigh) although by the end it all started to have the same taste! They don't serve any ketchup at Hotbox (booo) but you can get a selection of hot sauces to go with your meats.
    Platter of BBQ meats
    I wanted to love HotBox, it has the formula to be my perfect restaurant, but for some reason I really didn't. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad in the slightest; the food was good and the service was okay (not worthy of the 12.5% charge) but there was just something a bit off on the day I went.

    Maybe we just caught them at a bad time, but it felt like we rushed out the door and the waitress wasn't too bothered about whether we were enjoying ourselves or not. I'm glad I've been, I enjoyed the food but I just wouldn't go again....

    46-48 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT
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    1. The number one thing that I hate about a restaurant is bad service. Followed swiftly by nightclub music, you know super loud and pumping so much you can't speak to your fellow diners. I can't believe there were no sauce accompaniment.

      1. Exactly, service is the one thing that can make or break your experience in a restaurant! Good service can make up for bad food but terrible service can ruin it no matter how good the food is! Totally agree about loud music in restaurants too!