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    Wednesday, 8 July 2015


    There's no denying that it's officially barbecue season. Streets up and down the nation are being filled with the smoky scent of the British BBQ as we all start dining al fresco and so the Soil Association are on a mission to ensure we have a #BetterBBQ this year. 

    The Soil Association is the UK's leading charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. I was invited down to an organic meat master-class and supper club at Whole Foods Kensington by the lovely people at the Soil Association to find out a bit more about their campaign and what going organic really means. 
    The #BetterBBQ campaign looks to increase consumers understanding of 'organic' and make it as easy as possible for people to make the switch over during the summer months when we are most likely to be cooking and grilling meats on our BBQ.

    So why organic? Well there are a number of reasons why opting for organic this summer is important, not just because it's good for the environment, wildlife and animals, but also because you can be assured that there are no antibiotics or diseases infiltrating the human food chain. Did you
    know that traces of MRSA, the deadly superbug, has recently been found in British pork sold in the leading retailers. If that doesn't terrify you, i'm not sure what will!

    I've always been interested in the whole concept of understanding how our food gets from farm to fork so it was great to have farmer, Anna Eversfield of Eversfield Organic Farm on hand to talk to us about the meat we were eating. Anna reared all the meat back on her family farm in Devon and brought it to London for us to try, emphasising how every animal farmed organically can be traced.

    Once all the serious business was out the way, we got down to the even more serious business f eating, kicked things off with a tasting trio steaks - flat iron, rib eye and fillet, and a talk about the science behind salting, resting and cooking our steaks. 
    Did you know, that you should salt your steak for exactly 40 minutes before cooking in order to draw out the moisture and break down the tissues. Your meat also needs resting around 40 minutes before and 15-20 after cooking meaning that you're looking at blocking out about 3 hours in order to reach steak perfection! A lot of faff perhaps, but it tasted so worth it!

    As well as beef, we sampled lamb koftes and lamb kebabs, all prepared right in front of us and we also got to try some mouthwatering pulled pork which had been cooking on a Big Green Egg grill for over nine hours. The quality of the meat was second to none and literally melted in the mouth.
    All in all, I had a great evening trying lots of delicious food and learning more about organic, plus I also got the chance to meet the gorgeous Tara from Get the Skinny - make sure you check out her blog which has lots of food and fitness inspo!

    The Soil Association website is packed with recipes, tips and promotions to help you have a #betterBBQ this summer, be sure to take a look! Do you buy organic? Could you be tempted to make the switch - let me know your thoughts below

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