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    Saturday, 4 July 2015


    If you've been paying attention to the healthy type of Instagram, you might have noticed there seems to be a new health trend buzzing around in the form of Matcha. I'm sure you've seen this green powder popping up on your instagram feed in the form of smoothies, lattes or teas but what exactly is Matcha, and why should you be drinking?

    To put it simply, Matcha is a highly concentrated green tea. It's leaves are packed full of vitmains and minerals, so once they have been picked they are ground down into a fine powder and can be added to a variety of food and drinks in order to get a big boost of nutrients. By using Matcha as a powder, you are consumer the whole leaf so you don't lose any of it's goodness!

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    What does it contain?
    Matcha is super high in L-Theanine. It sounds like something you'd grow in a lab but it's actually a naturally occuring amino acid, which combined with caffeine, has been shown to improve your concentration and alertness.

    It's also packed full of anti-oxidents, particularly EGCg, meaning it's good for heart and brain health and also contains cancer fighting properties. Researchers believe Matcha contains up to 10 more EGCg than regular green tea!

    Does it help with weight loss?
    Studies have found that Matcha leads to an increase in the bodies metabolism which helps our bodies to burn fat at a faster rate. Plus Matcha has 0g of sugar and a lot less calories than your morning latte so making the switch could result in shifting the pounds.

    How do you drink it?
    There are ready to drink products on the market, such as Vivid Drinks Matcha Green Tea, but you can also buy the powdered form and use it in a variety of ways. I've seen everything from Matcha lattes and smoothies to Matcha macarons and omlettes.

    What do you think of Matcha? Will you be including it in your diet?

     *I was sent a sample of Vivid Drinks Matcha Green Tea to try

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