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    Monday, 13 July 2015


    Time for another guest post and this time from the lovely Leanne at Broke in the Big Smoke. Leanne was one of the first bloggers I met in 'real life' at a blogger event and she was so lovely! She blogs about things to do in London on a budget - make sure you check her out!

    Ramen noodles always used to conjure up ideas of being a bit short on cash to me. Those twelve pence packs of chicken or curry noodles were a life saver while at university and running low on funds (although there always seemed to be money left in the pot for another round of 2-4-1 cocktails!) and while not the most nutritious of foods I still find them a pretty good go to when I’m in the mood for something quick and tasty

    It’s probably because of this that, until recently, I hadn’t eaten at a Ramen bar in London until a few weeks ago. Some friends were in town and everywhere we tried to go for an impromptu dinner was super busy and had a long wait. As the wait time at Shoryu on Denman Street was less than ten minutes we decided to take our chances. 

    We ordered some cocktails to start which were very potent but delicious - sorry I can’t remember which we sampled - while we perused the menu each of us settling on a different kind of ramen as well as a couple of sides to share. (There aren’t any starters at Shoryu everything just comes out as and when it is ready.) 
    Cocktails at Shoryu
    First up were the Shoryu buns of which I had a tiger prawn tempura variety which was really nice. The bun was light and fluffy rather than stodgy while the tempura batter made the prawn deliciously crunchy, a great combination. In the middle of eating this out came the biggest bowl of noodles I think I have ever seen in my life! 
    Steamed Buns in bamboo basket
    I’d gone for the chicken ramen which consisted of; tonyu soy milk, white miso, shiitake mushroom & konbu soy broth, chicken karaage, kikurage mushrooms, nori seaweed, spring onion & ginger. The broth was full of amazing flavours and I could have quite happily eaten it on its own. However the chicken added a good amount of bite to the dish (although the longer I ate the less this was apparent as the broth softened the crispy coating of the chicken) and there was a substantial amount of noodles swimming around in there too but if there aren’t enough for you, you can even order additional noodles to be added to the bowl so that you can finish up all that lovely broth. 
    Bowl of ramen noodles with spoon
    Delicious as it was I wasn’t able to finish the entire thing especially when our waiter then brought out the gyoza we had also ordered! Luckily there was only one of these each so this wasn’t too difficult to manage. It was crunchy on the top while still being soft on the bottom which is exactly how I like my gyoza so I was very happy indeed. Obviously however there was no room for pudding but of course this is always a great excuse to head back!
    frying pan with chinese omelette
    Shoryu Ramen are expanding and have recently opened their fifth branch at Broadgate Circle – definitely a name to keep an eye out for when you’re out and about in the city.

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