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    Friday, 17 July 2015


    I spend the majority of my life torn between wanting to be super fit and healthy and gorging on chocolate cake. Writing a food blog, naturally i'm obsessed with food but it can play havoc with my eating habits.

    As I'm usually super busy, I've toyed with the idea of using a food delivery service in the past but have always been put off by the high costs involved, so when Ben from Total Diet Food got in touch to ask if I wanted to try them out, I was over the moon! I'm sure you'll have heard of other similar services before but in essence, all your meals for the day are delivered in a cool bag to your home extra early in the morning, ready for you to eat throughout the day.

    All the meals are calculated down to the very last macro-nutrient so that your body can get all the energy it needs over the course of the day and create enough of a calories deficit so you can burn fat to drop weight. I submitted a short questionnaire to Ben and he was able to work out the perfect menu to fit my needs. This was all about educating me on what I shoud be eating to lose weight healthily at a steady rate. Instead of putting me on a crazy diet where all carbs are banished, Ben explained that I need a good balance of carbs, proteins and fat (yes - you need to eat fat to burn fat), in order to give the body exactly what it needs to fuel fat buring.

    Breakfast - Yoghurt & Granola
    First meal of the day and off to a great start with a mammoth bowl of yoghurt, topped with home-made granola. I consider myself a bit of a piglet when it comes to portion size but this very nearly defeated me! I think people have a tendency to under-eat when dieting, which is a real big no-no. You need to fuel your body in order to get your metabolism going and into fat burning mode.


    Morning Snack - Grapefruit with Sesame Seeds
    Around 11am, I tucked into some grapefruit topped with sesame seeds - another really pleasant dish. I usually add spoonfuls of sugar on to grapefruit so I dubious that it would be sweet enough but the sesame seeds gave a really nice nutty flavour and crunch.

    Lunch - Butternut squash salad with hummus
    Lunch was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed it, a nice crunchy salad with hummus and ryvita but I would have preferred some meat in there to make it feel more substantial. It was a really bright and colourful dish though, I always feel like my meal has lots of nutrients when it's got all the colours of the rainbow!


    Afternoon Snack - Homemade Brocolli Dip with Peppers
    Sadly not the one for me. I love brocolli but brocolli dip just didn't really do it for me. I hate the peppers with a tiny bit of dip but I couldn't get my head around the taste. Luckily, I wasn't particularly hungry at the point so didn't feel I needed to reach for the biscuits to make up for it....


    Dinner - Chicken & Aubergine Parmigiana with green beans and cous cous
    I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have a diet plan which features cheese! People can be really scared of cheese due to its high fat levels but this meal was really balanced meal, and packed full of flavour, exactly what I needed after a long day at work. 

    Overall I was impressed with how satisfying the meal were and far from being boring 'diet food, each has its own distinct flavours. Its also incredibly easy to stick to a healthy eating plan if all the meals are prepared and ready for you, minimising your chances of splurging on a calorie packed meal out of convenience. To take a look at the website, or try the service out for yourself, take a look at the Total Diet Food website.

    Make sure you check out this great guide if you're looking to tone up and get leaner this summer!

    * I was given a free one day trial of Total Diet Food. All views are my own

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