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    Friday, 11 September 2015


    When it comes to food, I am one greedy little piglet.

    I always order the biggest breakfast in the cafe, I'm prone to eat a large Dominos & sides on my own and there was that time with the bargain bucket that I try not to think about...

    My mum once described my brother Chris and I to her friend as 'the finest eaters' and whilst that wasn't my defining hour I can kind of see where she's coming from.

    So when Katy invited me to take on the MAC ATTACK CHALLENGE with her, I was sure I was going to kill it!
    Neon Light sign at Dirty Bones
    The Mac Attack is the new food challenge dreamed up by the team at Dirty Bones.

    Three beef patties, two brioche buns, BBQ pulled pork, mac’n’cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onion. All on top of a pile of Dirty Fries with chilli cheese sauce, cactus salsa, grated cheese. All of this to be eaten in 10 minutes with no liquids.

    Now I won't lie. The preparation for this food eating challenge was a mixed bag of emotions.

    First I felt bravado - I can totally do this. Then I felt fear - like real genuine worry - before I settled with a mis-match of faux-confidence and anxious excitement.
    Neon restaurant sign
    If you've been to Dirty Bones before, you'll know the restaurant is down in the basement below street level of High Street Ken.

    I got there early so I ordered a beer and waited for Katy to arrive. SCHOOL BOY ERROR NUMBER ONE.

    When taking on a food challenge, one should not drink fizzy drinks beforehand. In fact, according to Adam Richmond AKA King of all that is Man vs Food, you shouldn't really eat/drink very much on the day of the challenge at all (yes we googled his advice beforehand)

    He also recommends doing a "Shake Down Shimmy" half way so you know it's all very credible, scientific stuff
    Mac attack menu
    Once Katy arrived, we were led through to the eating arena.

    I had my back to the kitchen so I had to keep surveying Katy's expressions for any sign that our impending burger boom was on it's way out.

    When her face dropped, I knew it was happening. The chef even stuck his head out the door to see who was taking it on AND LAUGHED. Just look at it!Close up of burger with bacon, fries and mac and cheeseI mean seriously look at it... Close up of burger with bacon, fries and mac and cheeseThere was so much food oozing everywhere I didn't even know how to capture it. Let alone eat the thing.
    Close up of burger with bacon, fries and mac and cheese
    All strategy and game plan was quickly going out the window.

    There was only one thing to do. Put down the camera, take off watches, tie back hair and SHOVEL....Close up of burger with bacon, fries and mac and cheese
    So how did we do?! Wellllll not so great. I managed all three patties, all the pulled pork but a whole heapppp of carbs were left on the plate.

    But come on, there was A LOT of food and we really did try. The waitress even told us we'd done better than a lot of the guys that had attempted it. SO BE PROUD OF US

    Also only ONE person has ever completed it so you know, we didn't really have a chance... 
    Close up of burger with bacon, fries and mac and cheese
    I'd love to tell you what I thought of the food, but I wasn't really thinking about flavours - more about getting it all in my gob.

    BUT the service is brilliant and the bar is well stocked with an awesome cocktail list. Plus Tom reckons he can finish it so looks like we'll be going back!

    20 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4EP

    *We were guests of Dirty Bones so  MASSIVE burgers/drinks were free

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