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    Saturday, 5 September 2015


    If there is a national day I can get behind it's National Burger Day.

    24 hours to celebrate all that is meaty, cheesey, salty and delicious. And do you know what's even better than having a day dedicated to patties and buns? Having Mr Hyde put on a big ol' burger party in Dalton Yard so I can stuff my face with the best London has to offer - yeah it is!

    Now we know I love burgers. I'm sure it's come across before. I reallyyyy like to talk about them. But so do mega burger babes Flick and Sophie . SO we rallied together at Dalton Yard to become the ultimate task-force with one simple mission: eat. them. burgers.
    national burger day sign
    pint of beer
    menu with burger options
    As part of your entry ticket you get a free pint of Kozel, a pickleback (Jameson + pickle juice) and a chilli back (tequila + chilli) hello hangover....

    We swerved the shots and got started with the pints (and one very strong gin based cocktail for Sophie) - refreshments were essential in planning our assault on the burger lands ahead of of us.
    pint of beer
    We'd heard whispers that Mother Flipper were serving the best burger on the day so decided to get in early before they all sold out.

    All i can say is it was Mother-Flipping good. There were shoe-string fries in there, a 120g patty, CANDY BACON and all the sauces, pickles and salty, chin-dribbling deliciousness you could muster between two broiche buns.
    Burger wtih shoestring fries
    eating burger
    It was time for a lap of the yard to sniff out the next name on our burger hit-list.

    There were queues starting to form at the clear favourites. I read the words 'Holy Fuck Scorpion Bacon Jam' and instantly knew the 40 minute queueing growing would be for Burger Bear. 

    I wanted to try 'Holy Fuck Scorpion Bacon Jam' so bad but I was here on a mission and couldn't lose precious burger eating time in a line. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the neon lights of 'Le Bun' beckoning me closer...
    people making burgers at festival
    neon sign at burger festival
    Le Bun were promising me a patty topped with fois gras and shaved summer truffles. If anything can soften the sadness of no Holy Fuck Scorpion Bacon Jam - it's shaved truffles.

    Beefy, mushroom, silky goodness right there - let's just appreciate it's beauty:
    close up of burger in box
    By this point we were getting full. Sophie had tried Lucky Chip's Donald Trump Burger and confirmed it was good, if a little sweet, but there was still plenty of undiscovered burger territory yet to discover. 

    It was time to divide and conquer. I went rogue and headed to Smokestak while the girls tried pickleback sliders at frying burgers
    burger with brisket on top
    It was like the burger gods looked inside my mind and plucked out exactly what I wanted to put inside a burger - brisket, smoked bone marrow and candied red onions. 

    Slightly on the salty side but so damn juicy I couldn'lt help but love every little bite.
    menu for burger restaurant
    Juicy burger
    It was time to wave the white flag. 3 patties and I was DONE. I couldn't possibly fit another burger in my mouth.

    But dessert? Of course I had room for dessert! Crumbs & Doilies had the perfect burger cupcakes to bring our burger tally up to 4 each. Butterscotch bun, chocolate brownie patty and meringue lettuce - an instant winner.
    burger made of cake
    We also had to try the other dessert on offer from Scoopsy Daisy (for research purposes of course).

    Scoopsy Daisy paid homage to the king (Elvis not BK) with their Fat Elvis ice cream. Banana ice cream, peanut butter and bacon dust. I was all about the ice cream but bacon dust not so much. I'll leave that for Mr Presley - a thank you very much
    neon light up signice cream with candied bacon
    We may have failed our mission to eat every burger in the venue. BUT we had an awesome night and gave burgers the best celebration they deserved on their national day. All that was left to do was take a photo in the photobooth then head off into the night...

    photo of girls in a photobooth
    Keep your diaries clear for the celebrations next year!

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