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    Monday, 26 October 2015


    Another week - another burger post. What can I say? I didn't actually intend to go to Yeah Burger last week - it just sort of happened....

    Let me explain myself. I met Tom at Euston last Friday with all intentions of getting the tube home to cook dinner for both of us. I planned to go to the Sainsbury's to buy ingredients but when I got there - the whole place was depleted. Empty shelves EVERYWHERE. Who knew people did their shopping at the supermarket next to one of London's busiest stations - NOT ME.
    chalkboard menu
    So we walked around to Kings Cross and did a lap of the queues at Dishoom, by-passed Caravan and the Grain Store (Tom laughed in my face at the suggestion of a veggie restaurant) and started headed back to the station in defeat when we happened across the Star of Kings.

    I knew there was good food to be had inside so we shuffled in, found ourselves a dinky table in the dim low-lit bar and started scanning the menu.
    burger place menuThe pub itself has its own quirky charm. Think peeling wallpaper, a graffiti wall, mis-matched furniture. A proper local boozer. But don't be put off by it's rugged interior as the burgers are top-class.bear's head bust
    Burgerwise - we chose to share two of the best looking burgers on the list. Firstly The OG (£9.50) an aged beef patty with cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, sour cream and guacamole - really delicious but why no hot sauce? Stick some cholula in between those buns and for me things would have kicked up a gear.
    burger with lettuce and tomato
    burger with lettuce and tomato
    The main reason we were here though was for the Scotch Egg burger. Yes. A Burger in a Scotch Egg. Goodbye boring bun. Hello crispy scotch egg casing. The Marco Polo (£12.50) encases a beef burger with cheese, rocket, smoked yeah! sauce in a chorizo sausage scotch egg.
    burger with scotch egg bun
    It dribbles. It oozes. It leaks salty-gooey-cheesy-goodness all down your chin but by-God it's delicious. It did divide opinion - Tom being the burger puriest he is preferred the OG for it's soft bunned brilliance but I like to get down and dirty with my burgers so this was the winner for me. Jesus wept.close up of burger with egg yolk
    Tom and I need to learn to stop behaving like baby elephants and ordering two portions of fries everywhere we go. We NEVER finish them but I get serious FOMO about side orders and insist we try a little bit of everything just to be sure.  
    fries with cheese and sauce
    We went for big bowls of 'Hombre' (£4) and Oxtail Chilli Cheese Fries (£6). Yes the lighting is rubbish but let's just go with it yeah? My one critique would be: put these things in dishes. Putting cheese on chips in a bowl means the ones on top are all lovely and cheesey while the ones at the bottom were left pretty plain. Spread those evenly in a flatter dish and perfect that cheese to chip ratio. fries with chilli and cheese
    Overall Yeah! Burger is pretty damn good. A lot like BurgerShack it's good to see decent burger joints representing towards my side of London. You'll consume a week's worth of calories in one sitting but go with it, it's worth it, plus you can head downstairs to the basement club and work off a few of those calories on the dance-floor.

    Yeah Burger at Star of Kings
    126 York Way, London N1 0AX

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