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    Friday, 20 November 2015


    Looking back over my blog. I feel like you guys don't really know me. You know A LOT about what I eat. (I emphasis the word a lot there) but you don't know that much about me. Being all inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Katy and her 10 happy things posts, I've decided to start writing my own little weekly round-up.

    Each week I am going to (attempt) to round-up 10 of the good things which have happened the week before. It might be things I've eaten, places I've been, things I've done. All the little things that have brightened up my week and that I've been thankful for. So without further ado, let's get straight into week one....

    1. New Job
    So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard that I got a new job! I'm over-the-moon. I've been stalking the agency for about a year and now I've managed to bag myself a job there. I don't start till January so I'm totally going to be on a New Year, New You vibe!
    Screenshot of Tweet
    2. Netflix Binging
    Now the weather is changing I've been spending my evenings, tucked up in bed with a cup of tea watching Netflix series. I'm almost finished binge-watching all 6 series of Pretty Little Liars. I have no idea why I started watching this show in the first place and now I can’t stop. It’s so bad, it’s actually kind of good. One this is done and dusted, Narcos is next on the list.

    3. Fajitaaaaa
    Wednesday night fajitas made my hump day so much more bareable this week...

    4. Justin Beiber

    I was all ready to hate Justin Beiber's new album but I totally love it. AND there's a song written by Ed Sheeran on there which is on repeat x1000. 

    I successfully managed to go to the gym every night last week. GO ME. My idea of exercise is short and sweet so I’ve been doing 20 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions on the treadmill consisting of sprinting for 30 seconds then jumping off for 30 seconds. It literally blasts your heart-rate through the roof is supposed to help burn fat and keep your metabolism revved for the rest of the day!
    gym trainers and water bottle
    6. Mr Biggums 
    My parents have an apartment in Peurto Banus so split most of their time between here and Spain. They’ve been away for the past few weeks so I’ve had their slightly overweight (read: HUGE) ginger cat, Mr Biggums, come to stay. Besides meowing for food every 5 minutes, doing his 'dooings' in my shower and jumping on my bed to wake me up at 5am every morning, we’re getting on great.

    7. Engagements Galore
    Two of my friends got engaged this week. TWO. This makes me feel very old. But also really happy. I'm excited for the flurry of engagement parties, hen dos and weddings which are now on the horizon. Just no babies yet please guys...

    8. Zara A/W Collection
    Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to clothes. All the layers and the scarfs and the coats. SO COMFY. Zara always delivers at this time of year. I picked up a gorgeous suede tassle jacket earlier this week and feel like i'm channeling my inner Kate Moss.

    9. Brooklyn
    Last night I went to see Brooklyn at the cinema. I cried. a lot. I turn into such a baby when it comes to love stories. I just love Love. If you're not doing anything this weeknd.Please go see it. (Take tissues)

    10.Carluccio Meal Deal
    Stop the press. I have just discovered the Carluccio's lunch time meal deal. Am I late to the party? Probably. Am I bothered? No, because my lunch break has been revoultionised. A HUGE portion of Carluccio's pasta  + a San Pellegrino drink for £5. I got mine from the lovely South Kensington branch who were more than happy to fill my tub up with the pesto spaghetti and aubergine penne. SO GOOD.
    carluccios salad box with lemonade

    Carluccio's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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