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    Friday, 27 November 2015


    It's Friday which it's time for my second Thankful Friday post! So here's the 10 things that have made me happy this week:

    1.Great Britain
    This week I've been in Wales and Somerset doing some filming for work. I'd actually forgotten how BEAUTIFUL the UK is. Green fields, fresh air and no phone service gave me the chance to just enjoy life and appreciate all the little things around me.
    Green farm with shed
    2. Hump Day Treats
    My grotty Wednesday was made just a little easier this week with a pain au chocolat and a latte from one of my lovely colleagues. It's the little things...

    After almost two weeks, I FINALLY get to see Tom again today! Those of you that read my blog often will know my boyfriend's name is Tom, but what you might not realise is that he lives in Liverpool! We've been doing the whole long-distance thing for over a year now and it doesn't get any easier. I haven't seen in for nearly two weeks now so I'm really can't wait to spend a whole weekend together!

    4. Welsh Cawl  
    While in Wales (see number 1), I got to try some traditional Welsh Cawl. It's basically a lamb broth, but it reminds me of a stew my dad used to make us when we were little which we called 'gruel'. It's such a simple dinner and so cheap together, I'm definitely going to be buying some lamb so I can make my own.
    Bowl of Irish stew and bread
    5. Bottomless Brunch
    Last Saturday I went to One Canada Square for a friend's birthday brunch. 12 girls + bottomless prosecco = a lot of mayhem in Canary Wharf.

    6. Hello Fresh Delivery
    The lovely Megan arranged for a Hello Fresh delivery to arrive with me on Sunday. SO MUCH FOOD. I've got a full post lined up next week which includes delicious recipes like Jerk Pork and Smoked Mackerel but I'm already SO excited to share them with you!
    Cod and spinach in bowl
    OMG. Sky Atlantic released this massive teaser on Monday which prompts all kinds of questions? Is he alive? Did the red priestess bring him back? When is April god dammit?? Counting down days on my calendar as we speak.
    Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
    8. Thank you Aviva!
    Anyone who has seen me out any events recently will know that my beloved camera was recently in an accident meaning I only have half a working screen. It makes taking photos VERY difficult but the lovely people at Aviva have come to my rescue and paid out on my home insurance. Olympus Pen - I'm coming for you!

    9. Black Friday 
    So today is Black Friday so as you'd expect its offers galore in all the shops. I won't be one of the crazy people stampeding into Asda for a new tele but I will be heading down to Strada for my lunch. Between 12-5pm, pizza, pasta and risotto is on offer for ONE POUND. Yes just one english pound! Step to it! 

    10. Changes coming to Elle Bloggs 
    Lastly I wanted to let you guys know, there's going to be some changes coming to soon. I've wanted to branch out into other subject areas like fashion, travel and lifestyle for a while now and after some experimenting on Instagram, I'm going to start bringing the content to the main blog. Don't fear though - food will always be my main focus on here but expect to see more varied content heading your way too!

    Hope you enjoyed this week's post - I'd love to hear what you've been up to this week!

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