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    Monday, 21 December 2015


    Another London restaurant post, another series of poorly lit photographs. This place is so good though that I have to share it with you so we will happily let them off...

    Blacklock is a chop house right in the heart of Soho and believe me when I say it should be next on your to-go list (unless you're a veggie, then...soz). You enter through a door-way on Great Windmill Street and head downstairs to the basement...
    Signage outside blacklock restaurant
    It's dark and it's moody..and it also used to be a brothel. All signs of the knocking shop have since been removed and they've done it out in exposed brick, wooden boards and industrial metals which created a relaxed, energetic vibe set off perfectly by the 80's soundtrack which blasts out of the speakers.
    Inside Blacklock restaurant
    Tables and chairs inside restaurantThere's no reservations (unless your in a group of 6+) so it's a case of turning up and waiting. We were lucky and got seated straight-away but if it's a busy night you can leave your name and head to the bar, or go down the road and they'll call you back. None of this silly, queuing down the road nonsense which London restaurants are fond of....
    Blacklock restaurant menu
    The menu is nice and brief which I like. I like restaurants which find their strength and just do it well. Chops is what Blacklock does well with a short but tasty menu of 'skinny' chops. Our waitress advised that the best way to try the menu was to go 'all in' (£20pp) which was essentially a platter of chops of the day along with some crisp breads to start and a side dish.

    Now I'll start off by saying I'm sorry about the picture quality from here on was dark, there's a wierd orange tinge and I'm sorry but we're all just going to have to deal wit..okay? I did the best with what I could!
    Crackers with meat on at Blacklock
    The starter comes in the form of the 'pre chop bites'. Three crispbreads heaped with three different toppings each increasing with flavour. You start with the dripping ham, then work your way to the stilton & pickle and on to the egg & anchovy. I liked the cheese best but the egg and anchovy was surprisingly tasty.
    Platter of pork chops
    The main event, of course, was the chops. We started with the beef fillet, then worked our way through pork loin, pork belly, lamb cutlet and T-bone. All the ribs are cooked on the right side of rare with plenty of crispy flavour on the outside. 

    I'm a hands-on kind of eater so I had no shame picking up my chops and knawing my way to get to the bits of meat hidden by the bones. The lamb and beef were my favourites - for the first time ever I wasn't mad on the pork belly but it was still definitely very tasty. 
    Plate with charred lettuce
    Side dishes were also good. We ordered the barbecued baby gem which had a nice smokey char to it but the chips stole the show. Triple cooked in beef dripping with just the right amount of salt - up there with the best best portions in London (and I've had Heston's).

    It's definitely worth giving a shout-out to the flatbreads which the chops are served on too. Soaking up all the meaty juices, these beauties are incredible and the probably the most non-diet friendly item on the menu, but worth every last calorie.
    Bowl of cheesecake with biscuit
    On Alexandra's recommendation we went for pudding. They only do one. It's that good, they have full confidence in it. White chocolate cheesecake - served with rhubarb stewed in vanilla infused juices.

    It's easily one of the best cheesecakes in London. Buttery, crumbly biscuit base with a THICK filling - and the best bit is that it comes served home-style so you can chose how much you're served.Chalkboard with menu written on
    If you're looking for some no-nonsense eats in Soho, I highly recommend Blacklock...even if just for pudding alone!

    24 Great Windmill St, London W1D 7LG

    Blacklock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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    1. Omg I want to go just for the beef chips hahaha sounds amazing x