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    Tuesday, 1 December 2015


    I can't believe November is over already. WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING. But the end of November means CHRISTMAS and I'm so frickin' excited I don't care that the last 12 months of my life has gone ridiculously quickly!

    Anywho, the end of the month also means it's time to round up my foodie favourites which I've been sent. I've had a few interesting bits sent to me this month so read on...

    Groovy Food Company
    The Groovy Food Company sent me some incredibly healthy-sounding goodies including their Coconut Oil cooking spray (£2.50) and Agave Nectars (£2.50) which I've had a lot of fun trying this month. I'm a big fan of cooking with coconut oil and this spray has been an absolute dream in the kitchen! I use it as the base for most of my cooking and I can vouch for it not leaving all your food with that lingering coconut taste like a lot of oils! The nectar is fab squeezed into my morning porridge too! Both are available in Tesco.
    Two bottles of agave nectar
    Alpro Coconut and Soya Milk
    The lovely Alpro team sent me lots of goodies this month including their new Coconut cuisine (£1.50) which I've been testing out in various recipes. Its a plant based alternative to coconut milk which makes it perfect for thai curries or as a marinade for chicken but I've also made some fab pina coladas with it too!
    Bottle of alpro cream
    Maple Water
    We've had birch water and coconut water on the blog before so it's only fair to feature Drink Maple Water (£2.59 for 355ml) now right? With more manganese than a cup of Kale and packed full of 46 nutrients (including vitamins, minerals and fancy sounding polyphenols, an-oxidants, electrolytes & prebiotics) it's been billed as the next 'big' drink to sweep the UK. I found it tastes a lot like sugary water so the jury is still out for me but I can see it coming in handy on a hangover day when I need a little sugar hit to get my nutrients back in!
    Bottle of maple water
    Alpro Almond
    More goodies from team Alpro (I told you they were a lovely bunch). This time their new Alpro yoghurt alternative with almonds. It wins points for being low in fat and sugar but also packed with Vitamin D and B12. I've been making Bircher muesli with mine but also works great in Smoothies! £1.79 from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Ocado...
    Bottle of alpro yoghurt
    So there you have it, my foodie  blogger mail  for the month. Anything you'll be trying out for yourself? 

    * I was sent samples for the purpose of a review

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