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    Tuesday, 8 December 2015


    Oh wine. You, fruity, full-bodied temptress you.

    Wine and I have a very one way relationship in that I love wine very much but wine does not care too fondly for me. Despite this, I keep going back to wine, thinking it'll be different this time around but it always ends the same...

    Determined to give things just ONE more try, I headed to Vinopolis this weekend, Tom in tow, to see if we could works things out....
    You might remember Tom & I went to Vinopolis back in February (back in my hay-day when I thought wine and I were friends). It's a wine drinkers paradise - you're given a card topped up credits which you can exchange for tasters of wine as you make your way around on this self-guided tour. 

    It's a great way to try out new wines.  Or glasses of your favourite. Or for splurging the whole lot on a giant glass. But I have some sad news and that's that Vinopolis closing down.  Yes - as of 20 December, Vinopolis will be no more. Which is why its more important now, than ever, that you get down there to drink the stocks dry!Vinopolis wine logo
    My tips for making the most if your credits? Well Vinopolis has three different zones, each offering a different type of wine, so plan your attack carefully to make the most of your precious drink tokens. 

    We were invited by Vinpolis who armed us with 7 drinks credits as part of their Essential experience (£39pp) and you'll find that most of the wines here can be redeemed for between 1-3 tokens so by being selective you can get 7 drinks out of it. (this logic clearly explains why I get so ill on wine)

    I find the best way to enjoy Vinopolis is to decide beforehand what you want to try. Do you want to get more into reds but aren't sure which would suit you? Do you want to see what New World wines have to offer? Do you want to taste the difference between South African and French wines? Find your zone then make your tokens stretch as best you can....
    Pouring wine into a glass
    Bottles of wine
    I like to think I get on better with red wine than I do white so I decided to spend my credits trying out whether I'm more a malbec or a pinot noir drinks...and as it turned out I'm all about the cabinet sauvignon!
    Map of wine regions
    For Tom, it's all about the white wine and in particular the Sancerre. We spent the afternoon hunting out the best Sancerre we could untill we found his favourite... Wine tasting venuewhich just so happened to be named after him....Wine bottle label
    Here's me looking all giddy from all the wines...Girl wine-tasting
    So the ultimate question, which was my favourite wine of the day? Well it wasn't a red. It was actually a dessert wine. So sweet. So sticky and something I would NEVER order when I'm out. I think I've had dessert wine in a restaurant about twice and that's because it was part of a tasting menu but I'm definitely a convert!Bottle of white wineAnd as if all that booze isn't enough to get you to head down to Vinopolis ASAP to polish off their wine stocks, they are also serving glasses of mulled wine and mince pies as a little festive extra for the end of your session!close up of mince pie
    I'm super sad to hear that Vinopolis is closing down. It's such a fun place for a date (or day out with your gal-pals) especially as you can wonder around Borough Market for some food and then stroll (stagger) over to the Shard for a drink. Perfect Saturday afternoon material.

    You have untill the 20 December to make the most of all the wine - plus tickets are currently buy one get one half price - so you have no excuse really....

    1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU
    * We were guests of Vinopolis so are tickets/drinks were free

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