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    Monday, 28 December 2015


    10 points to you if you got the reference in the title - I like you, we'd get on. If you didn't, you can watch it here in pretty awful quality (oh the joy of YouTube)

    Anyway it's been a while since I had a recipe over here on the blog so this week I decided to get my bake on and make a lemon drizzle cake.

    Lemon drizzle is my favourite cake - maybe second to my mum's coffee and walnut - so I I decided to double the layers and make this more like a classic Vicky sponge but with a lemon buttercream filling and a classic lemon drizzle icing. And those little red things - freeze dried raspberries. We already know how well berries and lemons go together....
    Homemade lemon drizzle cake
    What you'll need:
    For the drizzle:
    Juice of 2 lemons
    75g caster sugar

    For the sponge
    200g softened butter
    200g caster sugar
    200g self-raising flour
    3 large eggs
    Zest of two large lemons

    For the filling
    100g softened butter
    125g castor sugar
    Juice and zest of 1 large lemon

    What you’ll need to do:
    1. Preheat your oven to 180c and lightly grease two 20cm baking tins
    2. Pour all your ingredients for the sponge mix into a large mixing bowl and get mixing! I use a hand mixer (god-send) so this only takes about 2-3 minutes until you have a nice smooth batter – if you’re using a normal whisk, I feel sorry for you.
    3. Now it’s time to evenly split the batter between your two baking tins and place into the middle of your oven for about 20-25 minutes, until it’s a nice golden brown colour and slightly risen.
    4. Once the cake is cooked through, bring it out and pop it onto a wire tray to cool down.
    5. While you’re waiting for your cakes to chill, get started on your filling. Cream together your butter and sugar then gradually mix in your lemon juice till it’s a nice, shiny paste. Spread this over your two cake halves (once they’ve cooled down!) and sandwich them together.
    6. For your drizzle topping, simply mix together until it’s a nice thick paste and drizzle on top of your cake slice of Homemade lemon drizzle cake
    Slice of this with a cup of tea and you've got yourself a pretty delicious afternoon treat - or breakfast, I don't judge.

    If you have a killer cake recipe to share - link me below!

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