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    Tuesday, 23 February 2016


    If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I've been following the Body Coach's plan for the past few weeks!

    There's loads of talk about the plan on social media and I get questions about it all the time so I wanted to do a little write-up - plus I also wanted to do a little giveaway for any Body Coach fans at the bottom of the post too!

    You will have done well to enter 2016 without knowing who Joe Wicks - AKA The BodyCoach is. Joe started off with 15 second recipe videos on Instagram - where he coined the phrase 'Lean in 15' by sharing healthy recipes which can be ready in 15 minutes - and has since built a fitness empire spanning recipe books, fitness plans and brand link ups with New York Bakery and Uncle Ben's.
    I first stumbled across one of his Instagram videos and loved his attitude and adoption of the word 'midget trees' for broccoli! After Joe started sharing photos of the transformations people had seen following his 90 Day SSS plan, I became intrigued by the results so decided to sign up and find out more.

    To give an overview of the plan in a nutshell - it's split into 3 phases across a 90 day period - shift, shape, sustain. Each comes with it's own personally tailored recipes and exercises to follow - given to you by an assigned coach who you submit results to at the end of each phase to keep you on track.

    The two key components behind Joe's plan is a macro-balanced diet combined with HIIT exercise. You eat three meals per day plus 2 snacks and you have to commit to 5 high intensity work-outs which allow you eat a carb meal.
    Food wise - the portion sizes are HUGE and you're eating real food which you prepare from scratch - meals can be anything from thai curry or sausage casserole to build up bagels and protein pancakes. I've really enjoyed all the meals I've tried so far on the plan but be warned -  it requires a lot dedication in terms of food prep - I spend up to about 4 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday making my meals for the week ahead.

    The exercise can be quite tough but the sessions are short which suits me perfectly. The principle behind HIIT is that you go all out for short bursts which are couple with periods of rest to maximise fat burning. This means you're working at max intensity but for a shorter period of time. I usually get my HIIT sessions in by doing 30 seconds sprints on the treadmill followed by 30 seconds rest or by following one of Joe's workouts on YouTube.

    So far I'm only on Cycle 1 but I'll do a follow up post as I progress through the cycles if anyone's interested so you can see any results - but the main thing I've taken away from this plan so far is a healthier outlook on food. In the past, I've been someone who's really yo-yo'd with restrictive eating followed by binges and I've found this has taught me a lot about balancing nutrients at meal-time and embracing the occasional cheat.
    The plan I follow is specifically tailored to me but a great way of adopting the Lean in 15 recipe book. It launched around Christmas time and it's been a huge success. The recipes are a lot more accessible - some are the same as the 90 Day SSS but you don't have to worry about measurements and they taste AMAZING. I often cook things from the book for Tom and he has no idea that I'm giving him "diet food". 

    I mean my two FAVOURITE foods are in there. Burger and Burrito friendly diet. Yes please:
    As I said above, I'm a huge fan of the Body Coach so I wanted to give one of my lovely readers the chance to win a copy of his Lean in 15 recipe book so they can try some of the recipes for yourselves.

    I should also mention that this post is in NO way sponsored or endorsed by Joe Wicks or any of the BodyCoach team. I just genuinely like Joe's way of thinking so I bought the recipe book myself to give to you a guys as I think it's great and something you would really enjoy!


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